Thursday, 14 October 2010

At last I have got out of bed on the right side, read, happy side.

What changed?

I wish I could pinpoint it.

Was it running out of Nestle Cappuccino sachets a couple of days ago? I do think they affect my general well being and wonder what ingredient in them is so bad for me.

Was it your lovely encouraging comments to buck me up? Yes they do help, a lot.

Was it all the prayer that is around this place? Oh yes. I really feel the benefit of your prayers so thank-you for taking time to think of me and lift me up to Father God.

Was it a book I decided to pull out of the shelf last night? Oh yes! Senior Pastor at Bethel, Redding, CA, Bill Johnson's, writing feeds my soul.

Is the sun out? Yes.

Is it warm? Yes.

Are the birds singing? Yes.

I had a wonderful day last Sunday. It was sunny and warm enough to wear summer clothes and no jacket out of the cold breeze. I dressed in the white skirt and top I bought t Kooky's nearly 6 years ago. It felt good and I felt so slim. I know I'm not slim but those clothes make me feel so good.

I went to morning Church and enjoyed being in the Presence of the Lord with my friends. I shared a little word about turning lemons into lemonade and letting the fizz fill us with bubbles of joy. I stayed for a snacky lunch and talked some more. A group of friends were going for coffee so I joined them. It's not often I feel as though I have the time these days. We sat in the sun at the Landing Cafe, a new one opposite the Whitianga Wharf. So relaxing. I thought I'd dropped my wallet in church so one of my friends graciously bought me a latte. We sipped our very good coffees and I let the conversation swirl around me, joining in as it pleased me. I enjoyed every moment. Eventually we all had to move on.

I went to my mother's and worked with our daughter trying to make my exterior drive work. It seems to think there is something turned off on my laptop and I don't know enough to make things work so no photos have been backed up yet. I guess I'll have to do it all the slow way, onto CDs.

Jay cooked dinner for me so I ate with her and Mum before going back to Church. I found my wallet. It had slipped down on the car seat and under the laptop.

Opps I'm supposed to be on my way to Mum's


8.30pm and home again. It's been a long day and I'm tired.


Lynda said...

Now that's better!! Good to see you feeling happier.

Anonymous said...

This post brought a huge smile to my face. SO glad you're feeling happier! :)

Hippygal said...

Oh you had sun yesterday, lucky you - just maybe we might get some today....