Saturday, 18 September 2010


Storms are not fun today. I'm edgy. Our power was out for a long period last night. I take my hat off to the people who worked to get it back on. There hasn't been much rain. Right now the sun is out. But the wind!

Yesterday I spent all day recovering form a night with little sleep. Mum woke up feeling very sick in the early hours. After a little first aid in the form of electrolytes, fizzy water and more water nd some anti-nausea pills ashe bagan to settle but I stayed up as we were'nt sure what was going on with her.

By 11 am she was fine and I was shot. She had gout and possibly was having a reaction to the medication to relieve gout. Gout is a right pain. We think she had eaten too many stewed blackcurrants with her desserts.

I had to cancel going to River Day ... not the first time. There is a minor pattern here. Not deliberate. But it's happening.

I have a special week coming up. I have my first proper speaking engagement at a River Day near Tauranga next Friday. Each River Day is independent but this is lead by a friend who was at the beginning of the original, the one I go to at Hikuai. It's an honour to be asked. I was invited last year but never followed up with confirmation. I still haven't written down my talk. I need to do that so I don't go all over the place and keep my message clear. We will stay with my sister Thursday night. Tomorrow we will have been at Mum's for a week and I'm going to Church in the morning. I was looking forward to staying home and re-grouping myself Monday and Tuesday.

Sadly I have a funeral I should go to on Monday. It will be a fairly long day. I don't want to go because there is enough going on in my life right now but this is a cousin of my mother's I have very fond memories of. I don't think I will be happy with myself if I don't go. I can't complain. I don't feel I have to go to every family funeral but it is an issue that is going to become more frequent from now on. Our age group, our friends are not going to live forever. Mum's generation is slowly dwindling. Reality is people will pass away and we will have to make decisions about attending funerals. Terrible word! Celebration of life is far more suitable.

I need to finish getting dinner so that's it until next time.


Merikay said...

Funerals are for the living.

If you skip one it won't mater to the dead, but it might cause a stir among those left behind.

I didn't go to my mothers. She had been in a nursing home in another state for several years. I had visited her several times and realized that a trip for a funeral was a waste of funds.

I went back for a family reunion a few months later and we had a moment of remembrance.

I never visit grave yards.

Hippygal said...

We need sun and more sun, I am over this rain as well, no wonder we are feeling down. Hey next time you are in Rotorua let me know and I will meet up with you again (been a while lol) and say Hi :-)

Anonymous said...

Sending you a ton of hugs and prayers. Funerals are so hard on the spirit - emotionally and physically. Good luck with your speaking engagement! I'm sure you'll be fantastic!

Margie M. said...

I hope you can get some rest soon, MargieAnne. Power outages are so irritating and inconvenient.

I hope you can get your talk planned out and written down; sounds like fun.

Chris H said...

I don't mind funerals, as long as they are not my family!
I love visiting graveyards... does that make me weird!
I hope the weather has settled down and has stopped raining! It hasn't here. Talk about WET!
We are coming up to Whiti next Sat or Sun to pick up our grandson and drop off cards to Mosaic. Are you going to be around?