Thursday, 16 September 2010



I took these two photos a couple or more years ago and have been waiting for an opportunity to up-grade them as the flowers are slowly increasing and I want some clearer photos with the joy of the yellow daffodils agaiNst a bright blue sea.

We are staying at Mum's this week and the daffodils are looking splendid but did the weather co-operate? Not at all.

This is how those beautiful daffodils look this morning. So much rain it's just lying around being lazy.

The concrete wall is not a bunker but the remains of a boat shed. We've thought of turning it into a swimming pool, rebuilding the shed or turning it into a BBQ pit but nothing beautiful has been done. High seas and winds reduced the doors to splintered timber. It's been an eyesore for 30 years or more and now stands roofless after the timbers and iron rotted away. I miss my Dad who would never have allowed it to endure in this state.

For two days I've been trying to take a photo of this special little bunch of daffodils. The bulbs were given to me by a beautiful young woman I met at Church when we were staying with our our eldest son on his Farmlet during an extended tour of the South Island in our Old Purple Bus. I want to catch the sun shining on the daffs with blue sky above and blue sea backdrop. Hmmm! Whenever I remembered and noticed the sun at the right angle I'd dash for the camera only to have a large cloud cover the sun as soon as I was organised.

Today I took the photos. I think I may have missed the sun this year. By the time it comes out again the daffs will be past their best.

I have to admit I am totally sick of the rain. I want sunshine.

We are at Mum's, the house right on the seashore, about 60 metres/yards between house and high tide. Storms usually bring the sea onto our front lawn leaving a line of fine sticks and seaweed. We are very aware of our vulnerability in a tsunami but with steep hill behind us think we can be in safe place in less than 5 minutes. Our most frequent problem is heavy rain and wind although this house is well able to stand anything we are likely to experience on this coast.

Today is my Pamper Day. This morning I'm having a pedicure and eyebrow tidy-up before I end up looking like Uncle ???? in the Adams Family. This afternoon I'm getting my hair cut and coloured. This is our reward for house sitting last month. Both are much nicer in fine weather. I like to go barefoot for a while after having my toes painted and new hair do and rain do not do well together. Still I will enjoy my pamper time. This is the first of two sessions. Next week I will have a manicure and facial, all gifts. I feel quite spoiled.

Last night I joined my daughter and niece for Quizz Night at Smitty's Bar. This is my first casual social outing for a very long time and I so enjoy the silliness of it. We were 8th out of 9 teams. I'm not much help as I never read gossip magazines, have never taken a lot of notice of film stars, musicians, movies, songs etc. and know next to nothing about sport. We did OK on geography. I might go again as I've just realised that my niece can do the driving since she lives just down the street from us at Matarangi. I think it will do me good to go out occasionally.

It's cold here and time for me to leave.


Kate said...

uncle fester!!

love daffodils, they're beautiful. xox

Cammy said...

It's a lovely setting! I'm trying not to be envious but you've made it very difficult! :)

Enjoy your Pamper Margie Anne Day