Saturday, 25 September 2010


I have been preparing for months for my first official speaking engagement. On Wednesday I received a message that the program had changed and there would not be time for me. At first I was very disappointed and quite cross but the truth is I was not fully prepared so it let me off the hook. We went ahead with out plans to visit my sister in Tauranga and I went to the meeting anyway.

It was as well I did. Something was said which triggered a reaction and exposed how fearful I have become. I have faced so many hurts and three years ago came the worst one ever ...or should I say the one I that I am still dealing with. When something is exposed you have to find a way to deal with it and get free. I have some work to do in the prayer room, in my Father's arms. I need to discover the love that casts out fear.

Meantime I have 4 free days except for going to church tomorrow and meeting a friend for lunch.

My healthy plans are all awry. I need a quiet day yet there is much laundry and some other stuff to do. I haven't unpacked my case properly and put it away for 2 months.

I am making a 12 week plan which will of course be extended but I want to walk a half marathon and I want to become slimmer and healthier. Today is planning day. I haven't decided yet when I will walk the half marathon but it will either be Boxing Day, Dec. 26th, 5 am or Maybe New Years Day. I want to choose a day that will stand out. I expect to be doing this on my own but if I see something organised at around the right time I might join. But I want and early morning start because I' don't want to be finishing in the heat and it can be fairly warm by 9 am in December.

The weather is not so bad. I expect showers. There's a bit of a breeze but not cold and the sun really is trying to peep through.

Have a good weekend and I must get on and lay my plans out and get ready to follow through.
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