Monday, 27 September 2010


I shouldn't be here.

Winter is over.
My house needs Spring cleaning.
The Old Purple Bus needs spring cleaning and tidying and sorting.
The garden is about to go feral.

I am going through renewal on many levels, mentally and spiritually.
My health, weight loss and fitness plan is being re-jigged, rejuvenated.
I'm in the process of changing a few things about the way I Blog/Journal.
I don't want to focus on weight loss here although it will be a part of my life as long as it needs to be. Most weight/health related stuff will now be found on my Tracker. The link can be found on my home page.

I still have not unpacked my case and put it away.
I have so many projects in my head they are chasing each other round and exhausting me.

I need to find a starting point.

Today my focus is on laundry, putting away that case and going for a walk. I really want to walk a half marathon.


My plan is to walk 500 km before the end of this year. I've procrastinated for too many weeks but it's still do-able providing I follow a strict schedule. I'm not good at that so each day I succeed will be a huge victory.

There are no fun walks/races etc that I know about so this is a very personal thing.

A big thank-you from Ann who wrote the following comment on my last post.

"How exciting, to be starting training for a half marathon! Your training theme can be "Boxer Day All The Way" You've set your goal, and it will be fun to watch you work toward achieving it! Best of luck!!" So that is my name for this event.

Boxing Day 2010 5 am. Boxer Day All The Way Half Marathon

Had a lovely day yesterday.
Went to Church. 2 weeks in a row. Record for recent times.
I was inspired and made happy.

Met Chris, Stew and Griffin for lunch. What a lovely family but I missed Briley. It was so enjoyable. Do go and have a look at Chris's Blog. She is so clever and a real Kiwi Lady, the best kind. Oh! And her photographs cannot capture the real beauty of her cards. Chris is talented and has a clever eye for what works.
Chris is wearing her gift necklace. It is beautiful and suits her so well.

I look as though my wardrobe needs a makeover. Nothing like a photo to reveal the truth.

Hours are clicking by and it's already time for lunch.I'm starving with nothing planned. Eggs are easy.

I'll let you know tomorrow if I get beyond my laundry today and empty that case and put it into it's proper storage place. *smile*


Chris H said...

Awww thanks for saying such lovely things about me/us.
You certainly sound determined with the walking and weight issues... go YOU!

Cammy said...

You both look lovely! You certainly have a nice eye for color. Perhaps when you come to the States, you can give me lessons. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your determination and I'm very proud of you. :) LOVE the picture, by the way! Beautiful!

Bella said...

Getting organized is so important! I always feel so much calmer when my house/fridge/closet, etc. are organized.

Enjoy the process, and I hope you get a lot done.