Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I don't remember ever experiencing such strong winds persisting over such a prolonged period. Foolishly I went out without covering my ears. Now they ache.When I turned into the wind. That was a work out and I had to cover my mouth to breath because the wind is so harsh. It's not particularly cold. I hope you get the idea. The grasses have been laid completely flat at times and we are watching our wooden fence wave. I wonder if we will lose another section. One day we will get around to replacing it with something a little less rigid, something that lets some wind through instead of being almost 100% resistant.

It would not be fun to be on a boat.
It would not be fun building a house.
It would not be fun repairing a roof.
It would not be fun caring for the animals.
It would not be fun repairing power and telegraph lines.
It would not be fun riding a bike.
It's not much fun walking.
It would not be fun driving a large vehicle.
It would not be fun living under a large tree.
The wind is steady then comes in mighty gusts.
It must be causing havoc in some places because we do not have the worst of it.
I will walk down to the beach later to see how it has whipped up the sea.

I'm not enjoying listening to it buffeting the house, roaring and screaming across the fields and rattling everything it can. Anything in it's path is fair game today.

I follow a number of Blogs by Full Time RVers. Lately Speedy and Sherri have been in Durango. We spent half a day there on our way to Grand Canyon from Pagosa Springs, Colorado in 2005.

We had lunch in Durango at a Cafe which displayed several classic motorbikes with a focus on Indians. It was a fascinating Cafe/museum. The film The Fastest Indian was in the news so we were especially interested. We also walked down a street lined with historic houses. It was a very pleasant walk in the sun. I bought a patchwork kit to commemorate our trip. It's still in it's packet. Can you feel my guilt? We bought quite a few of our gifts there too. I particularly remember buying a painted pony. These are gorgeously decorated ceramic horses to show off some of the artists of America. I love them. I love the art and the idea behind them. I will always regret not buying a pelican in Pensacola. They were part of a promotion of local art work and would have made a good memento of our time there.

I wish we had taken more photographs but here are a some of the few taken on our way to and around Pagosa Springs and on our way to Grand Canyon. Just in case you haven't got the message yet, we love travelling in USA. The vastness of the country is majestic. NZ is beautiful but such a doll's house in comparison.

I hope we can return for even longer periods but there's a small thing called lack of money keeping us at home right now. I am trying to see our local area through the eyes of strangers. It gives us a fresh perspective on something we take for granted and reminds me that God is everywhere and is revealed by the wonderful things around us.

I'm not even thinking about my weight today although I do have a check in with my friends at Slimming For Life

Yesterday went well. Today is rest day although I need to get busy writing out my talk for Friday. Tomorrow I go to Mum's for lunch, Thursday the same plus we drive on down to Tauranga after seeing Mum's needs are met for the time being. Our daughter will be back when she finishes at work. And then it's Friday. Wow! This is an exciting week. I love it but I'll be glad to get back into our slower paced life next week.
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