Sunday, 5 September 2010


Christchurch, Canterbury and many other South Island residents wake to a different world.

The devastation of property will take hold as the adrenaline fades. Here's a link to the Christchurch Press.

Then there are the people from Fox Glacier who are shocked by the deaths of 9 people in a plane crash. This is not a common occurrence in New Zealand and the cause remains a mystery.

Our family has got off very lightly. The ones in the country, SE of the city appear to have no structural damage although they were still without power last night. They have a lovely wood burner fire so were able to keep warm. Important when the temperatures drop to freezing. They were able to go south to Ashburton for groceries. There was some anxiety about the Rakaia Bridge, one of the longest in NZ but it had been checked ou as safe.

Large areas of Canterbury are on stony soil from ancient Rivers or something like that. These areas stood up well to the Quake.

D & H's only concern was for their birds. They said a couple of the parrots showed a little blood and the conclusion is they fell of their perches and hit their heads. None of their other animals seemed to be behaving unusually and there seemed to be no damage to other farm buildings.

In town W & A had A's parents stay the night as they had power and even water while the parents didn't. That was amazing as they are barely than a kilometre from the CBD. They live between the CBD and Brighton Beach where there was also considerable damage. They were literally thrown out of bed and huddled together under the door lintel fearing their tile roof was going to come down. W. finished work late into the night when the army took over road safety duties.

We have not contacted TWJ's cousin to see how his family are. I think it might be OK to phone today. We didn't want to add to the congestion on the telephones yesterday. Although having said that, today is Father's Day so I guess the phones lines will run hot again.

If you live in USA imagine living in a State the size of Colorado. Put 4 million people into the State, more than 1 million of whom live in the largest city, Auckland. There are 3 other major cities. Christchurch being the 2nd largest with a population approaching 0.4 million. We live many miles away, it takes us about 13 hours to drive there plus the ferry crossing of Cook Straight. Being a long skinny Island nation has it's drawbacks. We are a small community and it's common to have family ties in most corners of the country. Our family seems to have congregated mostly in the Waikato and Coromandel areas of the North Island although My father's family are still in Palmerston North, in the Manawatu District where I grew up. TWJ has strong ties to Christchurch where his parents grew up and he lived for many years.

The whole country is affected by this event both personally and economically.

Today is Father's Day. We don't bother too much now the children have left home and our sons are notorious for ignoring special days including birthdays. Last night Jay asked what we were doing. I had few plans since we are also going to be packing for a couple of weeks disrupted living, some at Mum's and some at home while Jay stays in Whangamata to make her days easier with less driving while she works for a colleague. Foolishly I suggested that if the day looked good to bring Mum over for lunch. Now Why on earth did I do that. Not only does the house need cleaning and idying but I have to do some cooking. I guess it won't do me any harm to get my act together.

I should have done a few things yesterday but we stayed glued to TV to catch every new item regarding the earthquake.

Time for breakfast and a little fast hiding of the stuff I have lying around. I hate putting stuff away unless it is in it's proper place. Now I don't have time except to stack it on the floor in the spare room. Oh to be one of those tidy freaks instead of my own weirdness.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for the people of New Zealand. Glad to hear that you are ok though. Blessings and prayers to you and your family.

Ann (-6.5 lbs in 60 lb challenge) said...

I hope it was a quiet and uneventful evening. Glad the bridges checked out okay. How were the aftershocks?

Rettakat said...

You've been going through a lot of stress lately, and I'm sorry this is one more thing! But I'm glad you and your loved ones were relatively spared.

Take Care,