Thursday, 2 September 2010


Yesterday went well and we got our shopping done. hopefully we bought everything for the next fortnight although already I am aware of a couple of forgotten essentials. Our budget is very tight and we seem to be going over it every week. I'm not sure where I can cut back. I have noticed that I am 'High Maintenance.'

For example, TWJ drinks the cheapest instant coffee he can find. That and water, occasionally a beer, coke or other soft drink. I on the other hand drink fancy infusions that cost nearly 4 x as much as his coffee and buy coffee beans which cost 3 x as much as his coffee every fortnight. He buys the occasional packet of biscuits for around $2 and I buy nuts and dried apricots for nearly $10 per fortnight. That means we are spending about $5 on TWJ compared with $20 for me on drinks and snacks. My reasoning. I need to have food and drink that I enjoy if I am to stick to a lower carb eating plan. I also eat more fruit than him but he has a few things I don't eat regularly like bacon and butter and bread. Maybe it gets closer overall but I doubt it.

My other major indulgence is my hair. I guess I spend $700 pa while TWJ spends less than $100. Then there is the occasional manicure, pedicure and facial. Why is it so expensive to be a woman?

Hmmm! I guess I won't change but it makes me think. It would be nice to earn a little extra but I can't see us ever being employed again. I really must make an effort with my crafts/sewing.

It's a pain being on such a restricted budget. We have no-one to blame but ourselves. We expected to be on a limited income but planned to be living in our Old Purple Bus rather than tied down with a mortgage. When we had a little extra we chose to travel to USA and we've had 3 wonderful Cruise holidays. We knew what we were doing and that the reality would be restricted finances for a time. Stop moaning Anne! The memories of our travels are precious. This time will pass and we will have greater financial freedom again.

Like so many people we are stuck with a house that is unlikely to sell in the current market unless we put a ridiculously low price on it. Sometimes we think we should, then reality bites and we realise we are better off with status quo as long as Mum lives and needs our support.

I considered trying to get some of my capital out of the family trust but it is all tied up and although it's possible I think the cost is too high both from the fact that it can only be done by mortgaging the property involved and of course the other trustees have to agree. It's just not worth it.

I felt so sad yesterday when Mum apologised. The apology being for living so long. The trust property is Mum's home for as long as she needs it and while it is a high value property there is no question of selling it and her living in something smaller and cheaper. I would never want to be responsible for changing her lifestyle.

I know Mum is fully aware of how her longevity affects us but we are blessed to have her with us still even if it means not chasing our dream. Life is comfortable as is. We live in a beautiful area. Our house is convenient and we are cosy in it so no complaints there. We have no reason to be restless, no reason to want more.

We simply caught a travel bug and right now we don't have the finance to indulge.

While finances can dictate the way we live I will never let them dictate my mood or my attitude to life. I am wealthy in so many ways and while financial wealth is relative to one's country and environment we are wealthy beyond measure when looking at the world's population.

So that's it about money.

Today I go over to Mum's for lunch. I also have to go into town to pick up our prescriptions as we have both run out. I knew I was cutting things a bit fine. I should have organised myself before we went to Rotorua last week. I've palnned an easy meal for TWJ to cook tonight as I'm never quite sure how late I will be on a Thursday. Mum seems well at present and able to do quite a lot for herself but she tires easily and I like to make sure she is going to get her evening meal on time in case Jay is late.

I've called the people who have looked after my laptop for the last few years. They want to see it. I hope they can re-figure it so I can access my files again. Currently I'm running on some kind of temporary log-in and lose all my settings whenever I shut down. I'm having to log in afresh to every website I use including my email. The good news is that I can still access the internet. I had hoped to leave things as they are until we go to Thames but that's not until 29th. I don't think I want to risk waiting that long so we'll probably take a little trip on Monday. 1.5 hours driving each way just to fix my computer. Crazy!
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