Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's not all that easy for me to remain gluten free. Yesterday I was at Mum's for a few hours, did my shopping and was extra tired when I got home. I ate a piece of cheese to see me through to dinner but even so I nearly lost the plot. My body suddenly became extremely weary, similar to blood sugar drop but that was not very likely at that point. I went to bed early In fact I fell asleep in my recliner before 8 pm and managed to wake myself up enough to crawl into bed before 8.30. I thought it was much closer to 11 pm and was really groggy. Most unusual for me. I didn't sleep all that well but at least once I turned out the light I didn't turn it on again or get up and read or turn to my laptop. Some nights I just can't bear to stay in bed tossing and turning and scratching, but last night I must have fallen asleep again each time I thought I was close to the point where I'd have to get up.

Because I want to become seriously gluten free, not just wheat free there are many alternatives I will not touch that I might have used in the past, such as rolled oats. I have some kind of dermatitis, mostly in my scalp and the itching is beyond belief. I also have other areas where I want to scratch and tear my skin off. I don't know whether this is the dreaded Dermatitis Herpetiformis but I'm treating myself as though it might be. Going gluten free is not going to do me any harm. I've tried before but not been very serious about it. This time I mean it. I've been Gluten Free 4 days and it's a huge challenge.

I think the hardest part about going gluten free is that it is my free choice. I have no diagnosed medical condition. I do have a few symptoms which suggest I feel healthier when gluten free but they don't add up to anything life threatening. I'm going for quality of life and if being GF improves that and I feel healthier it's a good enough reason. It is complimentary and compatible with my desire to eat low starch. I'm heading into my 5th day and very soon I'm going to need to get creative about my meals. Thank-goodness for Food Bloggers like Shauna. `

Because being GF is my focus I decided not to worry about walking this week. It wasn't a hard decision except that the last two mornings we have had beautiful dawns with golden sunrises and here I am ignoring them. I keep telling myself, 'one thing at a time.' Also the mornings are really chilly with frostiness so it wasn't that hard to turn the heater on and sip my coffee enjoying the warmth.

Why are some numbers so hard to put behind us? I hit 97 kg on June 14th. I've been slightly under, a lot over and am now working to say goodbye forever but it's not happening in a hurry. I am impatient with that number I want it gone, gone, gone.

I have my instructions for today. Jay needs me to cook dinner for them and Mum wants me to stay and eat with them. That means driving home in the dark. I'm over driving over these narrow winding hill roads at night. It's only 20 minutes or so but I don't enjoy it anymore.

Off to do some serious Blog reading before I leave home.


Merikay said...

Have you ever tried Benadryl (generic name is Diphenydramine HCI.)

Several years ago I developed a terrible itchiness, mostly on my head, but some on my skin. I went to the doctor, no help. I went to a dermatologist, no help. I actually had a nurse friend of mine check my head for lice because I had spent some time at a pre school, result was negative!

Then I read an article about post menopause itching and a recommendation for Benadryl.

I checked with the doctor and a pharmacist and they said no problem with taking it every day. Now I take one most nights and have minimal itching, and fall asleep easier My husband also takes one most nights and has completely stopped taking sleeping pills.

It's safe, we buy it at COSTCO so it's cheap, and it works!

Traci said...

Sounds like a good change. I'm just wondering if you really could benefit from more than just gluten free. I'm wondering if gluten is the problem at all. Ok, sorry this might take a bit. Since I have Fructose Malabsorption, I also can not have wheat. Not a gluten problem but the wheat because of the fructose in it. Same reactions. But more things I can't handle than someone who can't handle gluten or just wheat. Can you have soda/sports drinks? Ice Cream? Anyway, it's worth looking into. I know you're just doing this on your own with no diagnosis, so I suppose any additional info is good to have. Worth looking into.

Chris H said...

Good luck with that!
I hate driving at night... I don't do it unless it's absolutely essential. And I would hate to be driving on the road you have to travel on .. at night! At least it's all tarsealed now!

Cammy said...

I would have a tough time converting to GF. I admire you so much for undertaking it on your own!

JC said...

Oh my, I hope the itching goes away soon or you find some relief. It takes our bodies awhile to adjust to any kind of diet changes. I love bread to much to go gluten free. I wish you well.

debby said...

Hi MargieAnne--I haven't been keeping up too well. First, I'm with Merikay--at least try benadryl for temporary relief. Also helps you sleep!

Second, that orange and white cat a few posts ago--I used to have one just like that. Its amazing to me how mutt cats have such similar markings--and here is one on the opposite side of the world.

Third, your food looks marvelous. Love the idea of 'winter mash.'