Tuesday, 10 August 2010


This is probably not what you are expecting.

For the first time ever I roasted a capsicum. I've watched chefs handle bell peppers and thought how messy it all is. Today I had an aging red pepper that I thought I'd use in tonight's tea but since it is a baked dish and the skins tend to be nasty in baked dishes I bit the bullet.

It was so simple. Why haven't I done it before? I do laugh at myself for my silly phobias about doing things for the first time.

I popped what was left of the pepper, about 2/3rds, cut side down, onto a baking tray in a hot oven and left it there until most of the skin was black. I put the hot blackened pepper into a bowl with a tight cover for a while. Finally I picked it up to remove the skin - easy peasy. I'll do that again when I want my pepper roasted. I love Red Peppers in sandwiches instead of shop bought tomatoes which are invariably tasteless. But I've given up on sandwiches because I want to stay gluten free and the only gluten free bread I can buy is totally unsuitable for sandwich making. I am not about to learn how to make gluten free bread.

All this for a dish that might work and might not and whatever happens we will eat it because I've got no back-up for dinner.

I wanted to use up a can of salmon and wanted a fairly simple dish that would remain true to my gluten free plan. Here's what I ended up doing.

Dice 1 onion. Chop a small handful of parsley. Dice, not too finely, the roasted pepper. Zest a small lemon and squeeze juice into bowl, watch out for pips. Chop the remaining celery from fridge.(about 1/2 cup of heart including the pale leaves). Toss in a couple of spoons of quinoa. I thought after it was too late that perhaps I should have cooked it first. add in 3 eggs and about 200 gm cream cheese, (what was left in the carton. Mix reasonably well, breaking up the eggs through the mixture. The cream cheese stayed a bit lumpy. Add in 250 gm can of salmon including juice. I forgot to use pepper, I doubt if salt was needed. I mixed gently not wanting to turn the salmon into mush. The whole mess was tipped into a loaf tin lined with baking paper and topped with a light sprinkle of grated cheese. It is now baking in a low to moderate oven and we'll see how it looks in 45 minutes or so. If it works I'll write it out properly on my Recipe Blog.

I'm happy with it.

We ate it with winter mash and something green. Winter mash consists of potato, carrot, parsnip, kumera,(sweet potato), in whatever proportion I feel like. I boil them all together with a dash of salt, drain, add milk to the pot and heat, add lots of freshly ground pepper and maybe some butter then mash. It's rough and ready but very tasty. I'm not above adding pumpkin either. This satisfies the man's need for potato but allows me to enjoy it too because it is slightly less starchy. TWJ has been back for seconds. There's more than enough for me to try it out cold, like a picnic loaf. The cream cheese gave it a nice creamy smoothness and I was relieved to find the quinoa was cooked. Nothing gritty in there as I'd feared.

That's two firsts for me today because I've never photographed food before. It doesn't look too bad for a rank amateur

Manuka Flowers Glowing In The Sun

Walking East Along Otama Beach

We've had a beautiful day. I didn't expect it and I've lazed my way through sitting on the deck in the sun. The breeze was keen so more than shirt sleeves today. I got out my sewing box of bits and pieces to work on my funky lavender bags. I didn't get much done but at least I am working on it.

Soft Sand. My Footprints Were 2 or 3 Inchees, (5cm) Deep

See How Joanie And Mike's House Is tucked Into The Hill Overlooking The Beach

There is a Lone Fisherman on The Beach By The Rocks

It's 2 weeks since I went for my last beach walk. I took many photos at Otama although we had more wet days than sunny days. It's a very pretty place.


Merikay said...

I roast peppers all of the time. They are usually much more reasonable in the summer months and I will do a few extra and freeze them for later use. I put mine in a paper bag to cool. Saves washing one more dish.

Anonymous said...

I always love your pics. Thanks for sharing, they make me want to come visit! :)

Chibi said...

I have those same phobias with trying something new. ;)

Your dinner looks delicious and your pictures are amazing!

Cammy said...

I love roasted peppers on sandwiches! Good for you for doing something new! (I'm thinking you'll be trying to bake gluten free bread one of these days.:))

Chris H said...

That dish looks very yummy... and Otama is one of my favourite beaches.