Thursday, 26 August 2010


We left home about 8.15 am and found Mum in good health. Already up and preparing her breakfast. Jay had been picked up at 6 am. Mum went back to bed to read the newspaper while I finished off breakfast. We hung around for an hour or so and arrived in Thames, nicely timed to pick up our daughter, Jay, and have lunch at Taste Bud Cafe in the Garden Centre. We are in good hands with Jay. The training day was for CPR and IVs and a few other things she needs to keep her certification up to date on.

At lunch I made average choices. Cappuccino, mushroom frittata with salad and a 1/3 piece of a small raspberry and almond tart.

On to Rotorua arriving mid afternoon. A storm was threatening so without any further delay, we walked across to the SuperMarket for my yoghurt and a few other things. There is no coffee machine or plunger in the Motel so I bought a stainer and make a cupful at a time straining out the grains. Not the best but better than no coffee. I cannot drink instant and my black filter/plunger coffee tastes so 'clean' compared with the nestle cappuccino sachets which are a very convenient fix.

The Motel is adjacent to an award winning Fish and Chip Takeaway and Chinese. Hmmmm!

Jay bought a very spicy Chinese so there was no chance of me sharing that. I tried a couple of pieces of delicious looking crisp veggies and Wowee! Nearly blew my head off. Loads of chilli. TWJ got a giant hamburger and since that was my 2nd choice that's what they got me too. The chips/fries were fresh and floury but not crispy on the outside. On the plus side they were Not Greasy. My hamburger was a good meal. It had plenty of really fresh veggies but I really should ask for them without mayo. It does nothing for me.

All in all I accept the choices I made.

We chose this Motel because I knew it would be lovely and clean. Friends own it, but we won't see them this trip as they are in Burma. All units have a private spa. Yay! The spa is big enough for 4 people to soak and no water restrictions because it's heated thermally. Jay soaked before dinner and I soaked before bed. Luxury on a budget.

I'm not sure how we will spend today. It's not as cold as I expected but showery.


Cammy said...

Oh, this is my kind of motel! I love small, clean, family-owned places over the big corporate hotels.

I hope you continue to enjoy your trip!

Ashley said...

Looks delightful! I would love a nice, long soak in the spa tub!

Chris H said...

Lovely motel! I love spas, but always wonder how clean they are when used by lots of people! I'm too fussy.
Glad you are enjoying your holiday.

Phyllis said...

AHHHH - a nice soak then bed! Sounds so good.