Tuesday, 3 August 2010


We are still at our friends house looking after their aging Labrador, and 2 cats. They are really no bother. Just need feeding at regular intervals and sleep, sleep, sleep. What else can you do when it rains. There will be flooding all around the Coromandel Peninsula so we aren't going anywhere.

I'm gradually catching up with my blog reading but no comments at the moment. Just takes too much time.

We are also enjoying the novelty of having Sky TV. TWJ continues to moan that it is all repeats. I don't care. I can watch the Food Channel forever and when I get tired of that I watch the property programs on Living or see if there is anything on the Travel Channel or TCM. He gets cranky about sports programs which seem to be either ancient or repeats, and I just go away. The PC is in a separate room. It's slow but I'm adjusting.

I was thinking this morning about how nice it would be to have more TV choices at home. Then I thought about his obsession with controlling the remote. Is it a Male thing? Whatever! I don't want to spend anything more on TV unless we can have 2 TVs. In our wee cottage that is ridiculous. We will stay with the Status Quo for now.

My food is not good. My exercise is poor to nothing. All I can say is this house isn't too good for aging joints. There are stairs every where and they are all an awkward height. My knees groan. Just getting a cuppa means a couple of stairs. The house is tucked into the side of a hill. Mike built it himself and it rambles up the hill on 3 or 4 levels. I love the concept but I've got used to our tiny cottage and here we seem to walk/climb miles for the simplest tasks.

I've just had a chat with our daughter and there's a good chance I don't need to go to Mum's this week. That means this is a really good week to get my head around sensible eating again. All I need do is get my brain to co-operate with my plan. A week or so ago I had my feet telling me to get cracking. Now I have to take control of my appetite. That's a little more complex as it involves stomach, feelings and brain. They need to be aligned in the gluten free, lower carbohydrate stratosphere. First I have to do the hard part and push through the easy-ozey attitude I've developed. I really need to become seriously on focus. I want this badly but I keep asking myself if I want it badly enough to get the momentum going again.

I feel as though I'm losing my way and I don't care. That's not a healthy place for me. I can still walk, I am reasonably healthy all things considered but I am not in weight loss mode and that is not good for my long-term health. I'm sure it has something to do with being tied down here when we want to travel some more while we are still young enough to enjoy it. It would be easy to settle for what is. We do enjoy living on this Peninsula and we are a close knit family, so it's nice to be in a place where those who don't live here like to visit. We have the freedom to take shorter trips to other parts of NZ such as visiting with our South Island sons if we work in with our daughter and Mum's needs. But we love to travel and we are not living our dream. For now second best must do.

I believe in making the best of 'what is' but I'm making a very poor job of living in the now. I think I'm getting better and I'm definitely not quite as frustrated as I used to be but I have a long way to go to be content with where I am.

My thinking is that the key to all this is my relationship with my God. Praise changes the atmosphere and that includes what is going on in my heart.

I'll update on how I get on with this.

Back to playing catch-up with Google Reader.
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