Friday, 13 August 2010


Outside the Chinese Theatre April 2005

A few minutes later there was a very noisy and profane altercation between a fat Superman and an elaborate Dracula. I wish I had taken a photo of the dancing/prancing Indian in awesome dress-up but we were a little scared of being held up for money.

Many times I didn't get the best out of places we visited because I was busy being an up-tight Kiwi in a strange environment. I think I would handle this a lot better now and be more openly fascinated and less intimidated. What if a photo or two had cost us? It's a funny, weird, wonderful and historic place.

One of the things I love about America is that I am constantly amazed and left laughing. Have a look at this post about going to see the movie Sex and the City Who would have believed someone would think up a website to tell you when it's safe to go to the loo and not miss anything important in the movie?

I've pretty much caught up on my Blog reading except for Sean Anderson's, Loretta's Journey, and the RV Dreams Journal. Each of these Blogs I want to read from the beginning, like a book. I'm a bit weird like that.

Today I'm having a lazy Sunday. Actually it's Saturday and I have lost track. The weather outside didn't look too good so that gave me a good reason to stay tucked up in front of the heater. I kicked back my recliner and have been reading Sean's motivational Blog. Almost every entry speaks to me in some way. Some people are natural motivators. Sean is one of them.

I probably should be working on my handcraft items but not today.

I have something I want to say.

I am 71 years old. That makes me an ancient Blogger. I have not heard about another Blog that centres around weight loss, fitness and health written by anyone as old as me. There are a few I've come across in their early 60s. I'm sure there are some older folk but I've not met them.

I believe I have a unique place in this area of Bloggieland.

Can I inspire anyone to get healthy, lose weight, become fitter? I hope by being here and simply sharing my life others can know there is always a way. By seeing that I haven't given up and that I am walking through this life improving my health you will be inspired to say, "If she can do it, I can too." I hope so.

I haven't always been overweight, fat and unfit. I was a very normal weight when I married. I thought I was fat. I thought I was fat from about 8 years old or earlier. By the time I was 10 my friends called me Tubby. I have no idea why because I was very normal. Photographs show that these thoughts/mindset are a big fat lie. I was never athletic or sporty but I won a high jump championship when I was 14. It feels as though I've been trying to lose weight for all of my adult life yet the real problem didn't begin until somewhere around 1990, when I was 50.

I came from a family of mixed weight people, none obese, but some could have done with a few less pounds around their middles. We are a family who like our food. Both sides, my father's and my mother's, enjoyed the good things of life. I had at least one aunt on each side who was something of a fashion-plate. I can't say there were any bad role models. I know why weight became an issue for me, there are multiple reasons from sexual abuse, (non family member), to words that took root in an evil way to the dishing out of comfort foods, my mother's behaviour and my own love of food. I've been in 'the Healing Room' for half of my adult life. I thought I'd found the ultimate freedom in 1974 when I became a born again Christian. It was the beginning. I thought the same a few years later when I discovered I had a hidden 'Death Wish.' My secret method of suicide or opting out of life was eating. I gained freedom. I thought the eating disorder was behind me again some fifteen years ago when I finally battled and overcame the demons associated with sexual abuse. I'm currently in another period of churning. I'm confident it will end in freedom.

I know I have a good attitude to my body, although I hate being fat. I no longer have a distorted body image most of the time. I am not in denial and I'm finally learning that discovering and healing oneself is a lifetime journey but not one to be obsessed with. I know I generally have a good attitude to life. I know I have a future worth planning for. I know I am a special person becoming more like my hero, Jesus, the more time I spend in God's wonderful presence.

My mother is now 95 years old. She has amazing strength of will. She is the family Matriarch and I know I have let her needs take over my life, maybe more than they should. But when you have children you would never consider it wrong to commit to them. I feel the same about my aging mother and her needs. I thought I'd write a little about her and she would be shocked if she knew how her own attitude to her body affected me. I know she was overly concerned about her weight. As a young mother she scrubbed floors daily, on her hands and knees to get the exercise. She also walked miles to school and later to work and then on the farm. She gardened, growing most of our veggies and always had extensive and pretty flower gardens. She was always cleaning the windows. Mum was an active woman, even swimming regularly into her 90s, until the last 3 or 4 years when her overworked heart began to fail.

She was always over-conscious about her weight, sometimes with reason. I remember a time when she didn't put any butter on her toast or sandwiches and gave up gravy on her dinner. She didn't eat sweet things. I also remember seeing slimming tablets in the cupboard. I have since learned that these tablets were really laxatives and sold as a weight control product. And then she has a gruesome story. Mum was around 19 or 20 or even younger, maybe still at High School, when she heard that taking castor oil made a good laxative inducing weight loss. Her undies became stained with oil but she didn't give up because it was helping her control her weight. My mother was a young girl in the '20s and her aunts were Flappers. Slim boyish figures were the mode and my mother had a sturdy body with big boobs. The amazing thing is that she survived all this unhealthiness because most of her living was good. I took on board an obsession about my body size and how being on a diet is a good thing.

Figure consciousness is not a new thing. What is new is the increase in obese people because we climb in our cars for every little message and we eat way too much food with empty calories. Processed foods were not available in my childhood. We ate all home cooked and mostly a healthy balanced diet. If there was a problem in my generation it was puddings and sweets and for some the Sunday Roast. I'm cooking a roast of beef today. It's a lean cut and I bake it slowly with herbs and for the last hour or so surrounded by vegetables. I have never added fat to a roast and nor did my mother but I know that's not always so. The cold roast beef will be juicy and makes excellent healthy snacks that sustain. Not everyone will agree with me that beef is a suitable snack.

Before I go I would like to give you a link to Ashley's Blog. She loves running but is having a bit of a struggle with motivation right now and has set herself a challenge to run a mile for every comment on this post.

Here's a paragraph from her post so go there to read the rest and it's a pretty attractive layout too.

"For each comment I get on this post until Saturday, August 14th, 12 p.m. Pacific time, I will add an exercise mile to my initial challenge of 10 miles. I will have to reach the mile goal by November 1st, which is the day that we leave for our trip to California. Here are ways to get in comments that count":

There are only a few hours left although Ashley will possibly accept any comments made tomorrow.

Please don't leave your comments on my Blog as I have no intention of running one mile let alone meeting such a challenge.

My challenge for the remainder of this year is to walk a total of 500 kilometers. That will stretch me more than enough in every way from commitment to physical ability.
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