Sunday, 8 August 2010


Our last Morning
at Otama dawned clear and bright. We stayed there 12 days and the best was saved for our last one.

We were in this beautiful spot to care for Lucky, an aging Labrador, and the two cats. They each had plenty of character and we enjoyed living with pets. I miss having a cat or dog of my own but it just would not be fair for us to have pets when we don't plan to stay around New Zealand forever. Pets are a long term committment

Pumpkin chose my cuddly rug

Tiggy kept warm by tucking himself up with Lucky every night.

We left our friend's house on Friday in time to have lunch at home.

Joanie and Mike had a well earned holiday, celebrating Joanie's birthday in Raratonga. It wasn't a perfect holiday. Mike had flu during the first week then poor Joanie slipped and what she thought was a strained groin muscle turned out to be a broken hip. We will pop over to see her in the next couple of days. She is my precious and talented hairdresser and now she is unable to work until healed.

We've had 2 nights back in our own bed and I really appreciate being home, back in our own routine and our own kitchen, bathroom, laundry. Our house is so convenient and of course we've got used to doing things our way. My wireless internet doesn't work at Joanie's so it has been good to be home and kick back in my recliner and catch up on my reader list. I've even done a lot of commenting. It feels good to be back in control again. It's not that I don't like their house or we had onerous duties but we were out of our own home. It feels good to say that.

Coffee in the sun

Thankfully our moving home day was fine. Once the house was clean and tidy we sat on the deck with our coffee and waited for the sheets to dry before remaking the bed for them.

It was a lovely day and I took dozens of photos.

The road out.

The Blackjack Road used to strike fear in the heart of drivers. I had never travelled it until recently and of course it is many times improved. It's still narrow with sharp corners and stretches of unsealed road. After the rain last week a tall pine tree had slipped down the bank into the middle of the road. Fortunately it fell standing on it's roots so we all simply drive around it until the maintenance people come to cut it up and take it away.

We've had more heavy rain and more roads have suffered with mud slides but today stayed fine enough to get my washing dry so I feel as though I'm all up to date. Laundry done, Blog reading done, and back on track with my eating.

Tomorrow a new week begins and I'm ready. I have been tracking most days now for 6 months. I'm beginning to find my own lifestyle rhythms. It's taken a long time and my routine is pretty fragile. I'm afraid that if I needed to be with Mum more often I would lose my way fairly quickly. I can't let that worry me. I like that my days and weeks are forming a pattern. So often I feel as though my life is chaotic and that is reflected in my eating patterns. I don't want rigid order but chaos is the same as feeling helpless.

August could be my best month this year. I can do my best to make it so.


Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Yes, August could be your best month. Keep up with it and I'm sure you'll see the results!

Rettakat said...

Oh, I really like that... Lifestyle rhythms. That is what I've been trying to form, it seems like forever. But without some kind of routine, yes you are right, it seems chaos takes over.

I hope your August is full of peace and happy Rhythms!


Cammy said...

Wishing you the BEST August ever! I'm feeling really good about your chances. :)

Kate said...

its always nice to be home :D

there is no place like home :)

Van said...

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Merikay said...

I mss my dear Yellow Lab and silly black cat, both passed after good live last year.

I too am determined to remain petless so that when freedom time comes I will not have to worry about animals.