Friday, July 23, 2010



Me, (very whiny voice):- Feet, are you there? Did you have a good night?

Feet:- Same as usual. Just wish you'd go to bed a little earlier. Midnight's a bit late when you're getting up at sunrise.

Me (pathetic voice):- I don't feel good. Someone put ping pong balls where my eyes should be. That's not all. My nose was hit by a football and who split open the back of my head?

Feet:- Soooo! Get up and feel better.

Me, (more pathetic):- Will I?

Feet:- I'm ignoring you. Did TWJ say he is going to be out all day? I heard him mumbling about a hearing test this morning. Do you think he'll have the TV on normal volume tonight?

Me:- Doesn't work like that. Pity!

Me:- Can I negotiate with you, Feet?

Feet, (shocked):- You're not giving up already!

Me:- No, but it's a thought. Actually I was thinking, that since we have the day to ourselves, would you like a lie in.

Feet:- Slippery slope thinking.

Me:- What if I just change the time of our Date.

Feet:- You'd better have a good reason. Nothing so far has convinced us.

Me:- Well, if I have my complete breakfast, including 2 cups of coffee so I won't be so slow, can you handle a longer walk.

Feet:- What time are you talking about? This is just another excuse to procrastinate the day away.

Me (voice getting stronger, more positive):- I'm thinking we might try Bluff Road. I'd like to try for Ring's Beach.

Feet:- Pigs might fly.

Me, (highly offended):- I'm serious.

Feet:- You know the plan. Do not overdo things. We don't want to hear you beg off tomorrow because your legs ache.

Me:- I did think I'd wander over and have coffee with my friend Barb or even all the way to the Kuaotuna Store.

Feet:- You've got to be kidding. That's miles. No Way Jose! You other Kiwis out there, that's said like Hozay!

Me:- Don't you think Kiwis can speak properly?

Feet:- You can't! How often do I have to correct you on Juan and what about Jalapeno?

Me:- Okay, Okay. But where are we in this negotiation?

Feet:- Just get on with it. You can have breakfast first and we'll take you as far as you're prepared to go. Bet you give up before you reach the top of Bluff Road.

Me:- You're on. Will 10 am do?

Feet:- Sunrise was hours ago so we guess it's better than nothing. Oh, and what happened to the headache?

Me:- Have you heard of 'pain relief?' I took some.


Feet:- We told you so!!!!

Me:- What on earth do you mean?

Feet:- You didn't go all the way.

Me:- It rained.

Feet:- Of course it rained. You stood us up, or should that be, you left us sitting around. 10 am came and went. We waited and waited. If we could go without you we'd have walked off. It was a lovely morning. Don't make us hang around again.

Me:- My goodness you are bossy.

Feet:- We are disappointed. We wanted to see if you could make it all the way around Bluff Road.

Me:- Yeah, that was a bummer!

Feet:- If you'd been ready at 10 am you'd have been there and back before the rain.

Me:- Don't blame me.

Feet:- Who then?

Me:- TWJ hasn't got new batteries for the camera yet. You know I can't go on a walk without taking photos for my readers.

Feet:- Piffle! Excuses, excuses. What a waste of time. Anyway, you still didn't get the batteries charged properly after all that messing around and wasted time.

Me (chagrined):- I know. It was very frustrating. Have some sympathy.

Me (subdued voice):- Do you think we could try for that walk on Monday if it's fine.

Feet:- We'll give you this. You're a tryer. And don't miss our Sunrise Date tomorrow. We're not taking any feeble excuses.

So there you have it. I've had sinus type headaches off and on for a couple of weeks. They are a pain. Yes, I went for a walk, about the same distance as yesterday, but I got pretty wet and guess what? The sun came out just before I reached our house.

My walk ended with a rainbow

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