Thursday, 22 July 2010


7.30 am. It's very wet out there.

We decided to rent our house over the holidays. We can live in the Old Purple Bus in the backyard and the little extra income will be extremely useful. Last year we didn't list until mid December and only had one family in for about 3 nights and no other requests, except for the same days over New Year. 2 days ago I put our house on Trade Me, Holiday Homes, you can see it here and I am overwhelmed by replies for the New Year period. I haven't even paid Holiday Homes for the listing yet. We have accepted the first booking and then better ones come along. I'm hoping we will get others for later in the holidays since we have listed early. New Year is always pressure time. The whole of the Coromandel Peninsula probably has a population less than 30,000 with little towns like Matarangi having a permanent pop of 300 or so. At New Year all of Auckland and half of the rest of New Zealand wants to come to the Peninsula. New Year's Eve we can expect the pop to multiply 500 x or more. I could have asked for a higher rate at New Year but I think that kind of thing is not altogether ethical.

My feet are willing

I had wet feet before I'd left our yard.

The sea was not as rough as I'd expected

The night sounded stormy but maybe some of the noise was not wind but surf. The birds are singing loud and clear. They sound so happy.

Turn around here

I had fun walking back. There were little bits of seaweed scattered on the beach. I tried to pop a pod with every second step. Some were squishy and feeble but every now and then I got a nice crack like a pop gun going off. It was nearly as good as being a kid splashing through the puddles.

6.15.am It's dark. I had this discussion with my feet.

Me:- It's wet and ugly out there.

Feet:- I'll give you an extra hour but that's it.

Me:- What if it's raining and pouring.

Feet:- You can handle it.

Me:- A few more minutes in bed then.

Feet:- Not too long. You'll need to bathe and wash your hair before going to your Mum's house.

Me:- OK but I've got time for coffee before I walk.

Feet Yes! Maybe you won't walk sooo slowly if you have coffee first.

So that was my morning and I need to get out of here and wash my hair right now.

Ooh! I had better thank my feet because I really enjoyed my walk and the rain has gone and maybe the sun is gong to peep through the clouds.
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