Saturday, 3 July 2010


The Cattle are Watching Me

It's a beautiful mid-winter day so I went for a short walk, about 200 metres, to take this photo for today's post. The cattle are grazing the rough land opposite our house with a famous landmark, Castle Rock, in the distance.

I found this among my 'DRAFTS' this morning and decided to turn it into a post. Blogger says I've published over 300 posts but when I took a look through there are many unpublished drafts which been counted so no celebration due yet. Checking up helped me to realise how much good stuff I have tucked away waiting for my return. This looked fairly easy on my brain and since I didn't go to bed till after 3 am because I fell asleep in my chair I didn't have the best night ever and my brain is fried.

1. What is the most important thing you can do today?

Make today a good day a la Jack Sh*t

2. What are 5 things on your To-Do List?

Only 5!!!!
1. Wash my hair
2. Finish compiling last years trip to USA into a mini book for TWJ
3. Tidy up around my chair.
4. Make some Oopsie Rolls for lunch
5. Get out my butterfly quilt and FINISH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Name some snacks that you enjoy

How many? I think I should limit this to 5 snacks that are compatible with my weight loss and healthy plan otherwise we will be here through all eternity.
1. 6 almonds, 2 brazil nuts and 2 halved dried apricots.
2. piece of cheese, my preference is parmesan.
3. piece of cold roast beef, other meats are good too but I prefer lean beef
4. WW jelly/jello with plain Greek yoghurt
5. small can light basil and tomato flavoured tuna.

4. What would you do if you were a billionaire?

1. Be more generous with my giving. Support more children through World Vision or similar.
2. Get a headache from the responsibility of so much money.
3. Travel, Travel and more Travel.
4. Co-ordinate our travelling with humanitarian and Christian Mission opportunities.
5. Help our children follow their individual passions.
6. Buy a classic red MG. Definitely not green, all sporty cars should be red.
7. Get a full time housekeeper.
8. Employ a chef so I never have to think about preparing healthy food unless I'm in the mood.
9. Go shopping for new clothes in designer shops
10. Live in the Garden of Eden because a landscape gardener would implement my vision.

Do you think a billionaire would have enough money to do all these things and more?

I forgot the spa and beauty treatments on a weekly basis, with a beauty retreat at regular intervals.

5. Name 3 bad habits you have?

1. Tearing and chewing my fingernails and toenails, (I don't chew my toe nails.)
2. Not putting things away when I've finished with them because I want them handy for next time.
2. Procrastination and procrastination and procrastination.

6. Name 5 places that you've lived.

1. 0 - 8 My Grandfather's farm.
2. 8 - 13 Our home in Marton
3. 12 - 16 Boarding school with holidays at home with parents
4. New Plynouth in an old house converted to 2 small flats
5. Hamilton in a more modern house with 4 other girls. I can tell you it was challenging to live with so many females but I was the newcomer and all I had to do was abide by the rules and do my share of housework and pay up.

7. Name 5 jobs you've had.

1. Checkout Packer in a SuperMarket
2. Assistant Manager of Backpacker Hostel
3. Interviewer for Market Research
4. Market Gardener
5. Doctor's Receptionist

8. What is currently playing on your IPOD?

I don't own an IPOD. I'm listening to the washing machine swish and gurgle to a background of birdsong and the occassional passing car. It's very peaceful.

9. List the last 5 books you've read:

This is tricky because while I am a bookworm it is quite a while since I read a book because I'm temporarily lost in Blogland.

10. Who do you want to tag?

Whoever hasn't filled this out yet, please do and have lots of fun.
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