Wednesday, 14 July 2010


I have really slacked off on my weight loss goals and program. Am I getting bored with the whole thing? One of the enemies of consistent weight loss is losing enthusiasm for the journey.

A few days ago I read this somewhere. I'm sorry I can't link back to the original but when I find it I will do so. Aha! Here's the link to Roni's post

True success comes from falling in love with the process.

This is so true. The journey to achieve something is as important as the actual achievement.

Today I'm making a half-hearted effort to get back my enthusiasm. Does that sound feeble? Of course it is but it's better than giving in to the Blaahs.

I've had some lovely walks this week. Two were inspired by sunrises and sunsets. There was a beautiful sunset on Sunday evening but I was driving and by the time I got home and was free to get my camera most of the display had finished. Last night looked hopeful so I grabbed the camera and rushed out to find a good vantage point. It was OK but not as spectacular as Sunday.

I'd already had a good long walk as I'd gone to the end of the beach and visited Linda and her 'Wee Man', who are here for the last week of the school holidays. We had a lovely time chatting together.

It was so nice to meet you Linda.

This was quite brave of me as I have become used to hiding from people and my social contact has been limited to people I know well for some time. I think I was simply 'people tired.' We did wear ourselves out working at the SuperMarket for a year and a half. Although we are often extremely lazy there is enough going on in our lives and that of family to keep us entertained and socially fulfilled most of the time. Having said that I have a speaking engagement at the end of September. That's a little scary but it will be a group of mainly like minded people, (all strangers except fo the hostess) It's something I've dreamed about doing for years. Maybe this will be the beginning of something new.

Today is Lunch with Mum so I am getting my head around organising my food. I have been eating quite badly and not weighing so the result is a whopping 2.5 kg gain. I'm 5 days from my 10% goal day and I'm not going to make it, not without starving anyway. At least I'm looking at it and knowing it is achievable but I may need an etra week.


Chibi said...

Oh, MargieAnne! Your pictures are GORGEOUS!

Sorry to hear you won't make your 10% goal - would it still feel okay to add that extra week?

Chris H said...

I am glad you got to meet Lynda, she's a lovely girl.
Your photos are awesome.

Lynda said...

Yes it was lovely to meet you too! Those photos are fantastic too. Oh and Chris H.... "a lovely girl" lol, yeah right.

Hippygal said...

we really do live in a lovely country :-)