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Forta Leza Country Restaurant

We had lunch in this roadside restaurant on our way south on Saturday. The building was converted from the original Katikati Co-operative Dairy Factory, 1901 - 1979. Our countryside is littered with these little old Factories, some derelict, others converted to current day usage. Communities once thrived and prospered around these factories. Modern practices have made them obsolete. Now we have some of the largest dairy factory sites in the world.

Sunlight on pongas

I have gained 1 kg/2 lbs in the last 10 days but I have managed to shed 1 kg since coming home from Rotorua. I am getting back on track but I'm brassed off over losing the plot over those few days. I don't think I was aware how stressed out I had become.

Yacht racing in Katikati

For the record. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week, we were at Mum's. We had Saturday to get rest and get organised for the next excitement. Sunday was a beautiful day in spite of an awful weather forecast and we broke all records, being ready to leave home 1/2 hour earlier than planned.

More model yachts

I thought I'd do a movie of the road trip which is an interesting and pretty, sometimes beautiful, drive. The movie camera ran out of film after 10 minutes and I didn't have an extra film. I got out the 'point and shoot' and ran out of battery before we were half way. We have come to the conclusion all our rechargables are beyond it. I was quite disappointed because we don't get out of our local area very often these days and the day was perfect for photos. Did I hear something about Murphy's Law?

Kiwifruit and avocado country. The pack house at Katikati.

We stopped to visit with my sister in her new home and I felt very bad as we seemed to spend the whole time b**chin* about Mum. Perhaps not, and we all needed to air how we feel and our frustrations.

By the time we reached Rotorua and booked into our hotel I was fairly tired, partly because I'd been squishing down nausea/travel sickness most of the day. Instead of going out immediately for food we rested a while and I must have had low blood sugars. TWJ was tired and cranky too so we made a hopeless pair, unable to decide where to go or what to eat. We ended up at the closest cheapish option. Pizza Hut, where he had pizza and I had pasta and immediately felt better in spite of the place suddenly being over-run by a bus load of about 50 Indians chattering in their own language.

I wish I'd followed my initial thought and taken our breakfast food and made good use of the in-room fridge. Instead TWJ went off to the SuperMarket and brought back yoghurt and puffed rice. Would have been OK if he'd chosen good yoghurt instead of the sugar laden junk food one. The cheapest breakfast the hotel offered was $16 each. That's ridiculous for juice, cereal and toast.

Monday morning came and we needed to set up some appointments. First I went to ACC. The Accident Compensation Corporation is a government agency which was set up like an Insurance and supposed to take the place of Court Claims. Our son, G. had a motorbike accident almost 20 years ago which left him a partial paraplegic, he can stand and walk on crutches for short periods, 15 - 30 minutes. G is dependent on ACC for income, home modifications and transport. ACC also covers all related on-going medical costs. Their goal is to re-habilitate at which they (suck), are not at all successful unless the client is highly motivated. G has a case worker and is in the system for mental health issues, head injury, as well as his physical needs.

I lost the plot. Normally I would go into such a place all geared up and knowing how I would make my approach to try and get the 'System' to work for me. This time I was already a little up-tight so when I hit the expected brick-wall called Privacy, I lost it. I stumped out throwing the following words at the receptionist. "So he has to be dead before you do anything."

This was totally over the top. I knew it was an exaggeration of G's mental state and our circumstances but it is also the truth. Privacy Laws have made a mockery of common sense care. All I wanted was to see his Case Worker and voice my concerns. I could't even be told her name. Which is probably just as well as I've had previous dealings with her. NO compassion or understanding. She goes by the book.

I know it's not their responsibility but I feel so helpless. As it turned out G is not as bad as I thought and he will be OK.

Next stop was lunch and I really was suffering with nausea so although I needed to eat I couldn't finish my meal. I ate the salad, TWJ ate the lasagne. We spent the rest of the day with G and sorted out a few things and he was able to discuss his frustrations, fears etc. He did have some mixed up ideas and I hope we have been able to help him sort those things out. We froze at his place. Rotorua is xxxx number of degrees colder than home, it was a raw day and G is saving by limiting his use of heat. Uggh!

We left his place half frozen and had our tea at Subway before returning to the hotel to warm up. I was exhausted. It had been a frustrating day. We'd spent most of the morning shopping. We did plenty of looking and walking, but I found nothing I wanted to buy. GRRR!!! Don't get to shop in the bigger towns very often and when I do the shops have nothing I want. Also I wasn't feeling great and they all had their central heating up so high I nearly passed out. I really wish they'd keep the temperature at a level you can browse around in your street clothes. I stripped layer after layer and still felt bad. TWJ, who rarely complains about heat, said he had quite a sweat up.

This is a long post. Sorry but I need to write, you don't have to read. *smile*

The next day was cold and wet. We kept our appointment with our lawyer and sorted out a few things including checking our wills. We were also told to call the mental health team at the hospital if we are ever seriously concerned about G. We popped back to say goodbye to G before having lunch and hitting the road. It was cold, the rain was getting heavier and rain warnings were out for the Coromandel Peninsula so we did not expect an easy drive home. We went back to Capers for lunch, because they are good and we know where to find them and I had the same lasagne for lunch and ate every morsel.

The first two thirds of our trip were through cold, sometimes heavy rain. We were so glad it had eased off by the time we reached Thames where we got a few groceries and a coffee to see us home over the winding coastal road and hills. We could see there had been heaps of rain but no flooding until we were 5 minutes from home. I had seen a small warning sign to designate a piece of road that floods and I did notice there was a lot of water on paddocks that are normally dry. But TWJ would not have noticed except that an oncoming car flashed it's lights. It was a very short section of flooding, maybe 20-30 metres/yards but deep enough to have caused us serious problems if we'd hit it at normal speed. That gave us a fright. Safely home we sat down to watch the news and were shocked to see the flooding on the peninsula. Had we taken the East side which is slightly longer but an easier drive we'd have been forced to turn around.

Now I'm up to Wednesday and I had to go over to Mum's although I only stayed a couple of hours, doing bare minimum and leaving her to put her dinner on. Yesterday was another nice day and TWJ was itching to mow lawns so I let him go to Mum's and I stayed home and tried to get rest and eat more sensibly. Today we are both going to Mum's this afternoon. Mum is not so well and Jay has asked us to do a bit of housework for her as guests are arriving for the weekend. She had an extra long day yesterday and quite probably again today as she has a patient who is dying. Jay is a Community Health Nurse and in our area that includes hospice care for people in their own homes as well as other home visits such as wound care and post operative care.

Views along the road before the camera died

Tomorrow I can really unwind as we should be able to stay home for the next 3 or 4 days.

Typical of our twisting roads. Many 25 kph/15 mph bends

This is Queen's Birthday holiday weekend. The Queen's birthday was back in April or something but we have this long weekend taking in the first Monday of June every year. Already, Friday morning, there is more traffic and people have begun to arrive for their holiday weekend. Today is one of those lovely, washed clean days. The air is crisp but warm, the colours are clear and the tuis are singin in the trees. Weekenders should enjoy their time here.

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