Sunday, 27 June 2010


Calico Cafe, Anacortes.

This time last year we were in Vancouver preparing for our Alaskan Cruise.

Today I woke in a panic. Don't like the feeling. It's not a good way to wake up.

The Dream. We had carefully planned a whistle stop tour in USA staying with people/strangers, in various towns so that we could speak or promote something. Maybe my book. Ha ha! I can't imagine ever getting to that stage with my writing.

We arrived at the first home where the folk were very nice and hospitable but we were somewhat discombobulated, probably jet-lagged. I was wearing a warm winter dress, (It had been just right on the day we left New Zealand), and it was June in possibly one of the Southern States. Need I say the weather was warm! As I began to settle down I realised I had left our itinerary behind with all addresses and contact numbers. I did not even have a list of the towns. This caused total panic and a great melt down. Who said I don't have anxiety? Who said I am placid and laid back? That person is my mother and she doesn't know me at all. Of all the crazy times we chose to do this whistle stop tour of 3 - 4 weeks it was going to be hot, hot, hot. But what kind of tour would it be without the list. I can do without the rude, sweaty with panic, awakening.

My new Blog is HERE. I tried to use the updated version of Blogger and got into all kinds of trouble with html so I'll plod on as is. This will be a huge challenge for me as I want to give it priority posting privileges without neglecting this journal. Another excuse to spend more time than I have with my laptop. I might have to think about getting up earlier. (joke!!!) This is purely an exercise to see if I can generate a little income from the internet so will be interesting. I'm not known for my work ethic or my stickability. I understand I will need to promote my Blog as well as keep it so interesting people will want to come back and link to it. Hmmmm! I don't have much confidence in my ability to do this but I'll give it a shot. At this rate I might even need a web-site one day. I haven't set up anything for my creative writing either. I want somewhere to publish my inspirational/spiritual verse and short stories. All work. I might even have to become disciplined and learn to use my time instead of drifting through each day doing what comes naturally.

Where do I get these mad ideas from?
Why can't I let life drift along in seemingly endless days with no purpose?
Why do I have to give myself near impossible challenges?
Why can't I be satisfied with making health, fitness and weight-loss sufficient challenges?
Why can't I be satisfied with growing old gracefully?
Have you seen how old I am?
Why do I think it's time to begin a new life?

There is really only one answer.
An extended answer but all mean the same thing.

I still have so many things to do in this life.
Age is irrelevant.
There are not enough days to do all that I desire.
So it's time to do something more that will challenge me in new ways.

This time last year all I was worried about was how to make our money last the distance with our trip only just beginning. We were looking forward to 2 weeks on the cruise ship where we could eat as much as we liked because it was all prepaid. *smile*

We stayed in the little seaside town of Anacortes after a night at Kelso, Wa. We were hungry when we got to Napavine where we discovered this roadside restaurant/bar.It was a place where the local men gathered for lunch. Another a new experience for us, especially watching the men litter the floor with their peanut shells. We were told they release oils which are good for the timber. Frosty's had been in business since early last century and had all their liquor licenses from 1912 framed among other historical photos.

After breakfast at the Calico Cafe we went for a very pleasant walk around the town.

An oil supply ship in dock for a refit

TWJ and one of the excellent murals

Lunch at historic Frosty's, Napavine, WA.

We were astonished by the untidiness of peanut shells scattered on the floor

The locals didn't know what to make of the strangers so they ignored us.

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