Thursday, 17 June 2010


On the beach I managed to force myself out for another walk yesterday afternoon. Three days in a row is good. It was a painful walk and I wasn't too sure whether I could complete it even though it is easy peasy. Earlier Mum had slipped onto the floor instead of plonking on her chair and I had to help her up. Fortunately she wasn't hurt but gout had flared up in her hands and feet so no strength. For a few minutes I thought I would need to call a neighbour or even the ambulance for help.

Further along.

We manoeuvred and Mum rested again, and again, until finally she was in a position where I only had to lift her a couple of inches or so to get her sitting on the edge of her chair and she wriggled her way into it properly. Thank goodness she is not completely helpless. I must have tweaked my back helping her, because even after taking a painkiller it was a very slow walk and I wanted somewhere to sit and rest but you know Murphy's Law ... wet, cold sand and no big logs, to sit upon. I was very pleased to turn for home, (Mum's) and put my feet up for an hour or so before getting her afternoon cuppa and then her dinner.

People on the rocks fishing

I watched a woman swimming in front of Mum's house while eating my lunch. The water is freezing but the day was lovely, about 16'C/60'F so not exactly tropical. Looked lovely but made me shiver.

Turning point Looking back to where I walked yesterday. I made it this far, now to get all the way back.


We return to Mum's later this morning and will stay overnight. I want to go to River Day tomorrow and will catch a ride with a friend if she's going, at 8 am. It's a little bit easier in the morning if we are already there. TWJ will stay with Mum and he has a Dr. apt. in afternoon. I worry a little about him. He is more active than me in that he mows lawns, cleans the car and does more housework than I do but he is always moaning about not feeling well. It's probably nothing more than chronic sinus but a general health check won't go amiss. He had pneumonia late last year and has never really felt great since then. Not to mention his secret fear. His Dad died of prostate cancer at 76. TWJ is heading for 75yrs old so that's always something he has to keep watch for. I look at him some days and feel some alarm as he can look so old. I guess the truth is we are past being spring chickens and we can no longer kid ourselves. We can think as young as we like but there are times when we must admit our bodies don't cut the mustard any more.

Winter afternoon shadows and patterns

River Day

From the time we came to live on the Coromandel Peninsula in 1998, River Day has been a highlight of the month for me. It saddens me that I cannot get there as regularly as I'd like. On the 3rd Friday of every month, except January, with sensitivity and flair, my Pauanui Pastor's wife runs these Holy Spirit meetings for women. We worship with singing and dance, sometimes flat on our faces too. It's a real experience of God's presence. We laugh with joy and cry sometimes. Our hearts are touched deeply. It's always awesome. Julie finds the most amazing gifted speakers, with interesting experiences, to share their faith and we pray for one another. We see many healings some physical as well as the emotional spiritual releases. It has been interesting to watch women who have come to their first meeting broken, hurting, hardened become the beautiful outgoing women they are meant to be. This is a true place of release and comfort for us. Many have been encouraged to short term missions in places as far away as India and Myanmar/Burma. I would not be the person I am today without the ministry and encouragement I have received through the fellowship of women on River Day. I discovered God always has more and being a Christian has become a much richer experience than I could ever have believed. Through these meetings and the women I am so much more in every way. The freedom to be who I really am and the joy that bubbles with up like a fountain from an abundant, never ending source is wonderful.
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