Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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We started with a nice crisp frost and the sun is shining out of a clear blue sky.

I had my 71st birthday yesterday and we ate out for lunch. My choices were OK, not great because I didn't see anything on the menu I really really wanted to eat. My daughter probably made the best choice with Calamari Salad. The amazing thing is I am still in ketosis this morning. It's a while since I used one of the little ketostix, testing strips, so I'm rapt that I'm in the 'fat burning' zone. I even managed to fit in a walk on the beach before I got dressed up for lunch. I am doing good instead of muddling along. This morning the scales rewarded me and because it's HYC Check In and I can't wait until my official weigh in next Monday I've added my 20 pounds lost Bling. In 5 months I have lost 20 pounds. It's not outstanding but it's been fairly steady. I'm almost down by 10 kg and my next goal is to pass is the 10% lost.
Made it to the beach

Time to turn around

Most holiday homes are closed up until summer so I was surprised to see this cool car.

Almost home.
The Australian Bottlebrush trees are full of New Zealand Tuis, our singing native bird. I believe they have seven different songs. Not all are melodic. One voice sounds like a frog coughing. They have also learned to mimic the telephone ring. Gets a little confusing sometimes.

Yesterday I was contemplating how I feel about this time round the block. Some days it's hard to feel excited about losing weight that I'd worked to lose in the past. Sometimes I feel as though I don't deserve to celebrate these losses until I get past my lowest weight in the last 15 years which is around 85 kg/187 lbs but I am going to celebrate every pound gone this time. I am determined that this life is FOREVER. I am encouraged and enthused by my web buddies. I am so much older than all the people I read but they are my inspiration. I respect you all so much for getting this weightloss, healthy body and fitness thing together now.

I read how some are struggling terribly or just haven't got their heads into the right space. It's been a long journey of discovery and learning for me. I do regret that I wasn't firmer with myself sooner. I do regret that I chose to keep the old mindset of diet for a period then all your worries will be over. I do regret that when I was doing well 3 years ago I let some wobbly thinking, some stressful living conditions, a comment I still don't know how to handle, unfounded, unscientific criticism of my program and a flawed mindset de-rail me.

I look at the numbers and sigh. Such a long way still to go to be in a healthy weight range but I know I can do this. I've always known it's possible. What I couldn't be sure of was my willingness to hang in for the long term. Only this year did I finally admit 'this is FOREVER'. The question for me has always been, 'Am I willing to continue to the glorious finish?' I'm not known for my stickability. That question was answered when I came to the conclusion this is FOREVER. Slim people go out and eat and whether they are aware of it or not they modify their day, their week to accommodate high calorie days by eating light or more exercise. They are aware of their clothes getting tight and they do something right away. I'm beginning to have the mindset that gets me there.

Are we weird? We love walking these steep streets.
I was going to write about something else but a little distraction and I've completely forgotten what ... Oh I remember.

This time last year. We celebrated version #2 of my 70th birthday by arriving in San Francisco. I had the pleasure of turning 70 2 days in a row thanks to crossing the International Dateline. We always enjoy San Francisco. You can read about the whole trip here, starting at the bottom of the page. I wish Blogger would let you read archives from top to bottom.


Kate said...

fantastic weightloss margieanne!! sounds like you had a nice time out for lunch- happy birthday! slow and steady wins the race, and at least you arent putting ON weight but you are losing it. thanks for the comment on my blog, i appreciate the encouragement :) mwah!! xo

Cammy said...

Belated happy birthday wishes, Margie Anne! What a great gift--new bling!

Yes, celebrate every ounce, every pound, every struggle, every victory!

(I loved San Francisco, too!)

Lynda said...

Ahhhh... I love that beach. What a beautiful day there too!

carla said...

Im late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY none the less.

hope it was a great day.
know it will be a fabulous year.


Chibi said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad you had such a great day! :D