Wednesday, 9 June 2010


To quote Jack 'Let’s get through one good day, and what say we make that day today'.

It's amazing how the numbers can affect the way I feel. For weeks and months it seems I have struggled to keep going. The numbers just wanted to stick around the 100kg mark and every time I dipped under something would distract me and up they'd go up again.

Today I am clearly slightly under the 98 kg/215 lb mark. I haven't seen this number for a very long time. Maybe as far back as September 2007. I am encouraged. I didn't do anything too special these last few days except not eat bread and all the stuff that goes with it. I rested and gave my head a chance to get back into a good place. But I did no walking. That isn't healthy but it will change as the week goes on. I am enthused to get out and get moving again.

No new bling yet but oh so close. I began this year weighing in at 106 kg/ 233 lbs

I have lost 8 kg/17.5 lbs this year and still a couple of weeks to the half way mark. In the measurements I grew up with, (Imperial, I've lost 1 stone in less than 6 months. That's good. Another 8 kg and I'll be a 90s girl in pounds. It's been slow going and I've had to constantly re-focus. If I'd done nothing I'd quite possibly be looking at the same amount in gained weight so today I am satisfied that I am working towards my goal of being slimmer, healthier and fitter.

I'm so glad I gave myself this little boost. Today we are off to Mum's and to do our grocery shopping. This will help me to stay motivated through the day. I also have the quote from Jack's Blog encouraging me to make today a good day.

I will go for a walk today. Promise.

I've taken another look at the Lean For Life Book I use.

Dr Stamper has identified 6 essentials to weight loss.

1. Make your goal to learn to be lean for life.

2. Your level of interest and enthusiasm will determine your level of success

3. Learn to recognise and eliminate your defensive barriers.

4. Learn to control cravings

5. Learn to use relaxation techniques and "stress less".

6. Follow the maintenance program for lasting success.

Quote from Lean for Life Program Workbook by Stephanie Stamper Graff with Jerry Holderman.

I am definitely learning to be Lean For Life Forever. It has finally reached right into my thick skull and down into my heart. I am living this healthier life as long as I'm on earth. When there is a blip, a hiccup or something more disastrous I will turn things around as quickly as possible and face forward again, ready to move on. The sooner I turn around the easier it is. There is something about those kilos gained over a short period. The body does not want them so will happily shed them as soon as I get things right.

I am alive today so it may as well be a good day.


Chibi said...

Congrats on the loss! :) I love the last line of this post, too.

Kate said...

i can definitely relate to the interest and enthusiasm part margieanne, it is a MUST to keep going. xo

debby said...

Margie Anne, I wanted to say how sorry I was that you lost your sister in law. That was a big warning to me too, that you said you thought she fell asleep driving. I have had trouble with that recently. Thank you for the warning.

And I am so glad you are taking care of yourself, and giving yourself a wee bit of time.

Traci said...

Great attitude about it all!! I love that you tried to include all of the different measurement types for your friends who live in different places. How thoughtful of you. I have no clue where I would even start to figure that out. :)

cmoursler said...

Great attitude...way to set some goals. Good attainable goals. Keep up the great work!