Thursday, May 6, 2010


Cutting The Birthday Cake

We had a very pleasant day yesterday and Mum cut her birthday cake with the 9 and 5 candles burning.

Mum, Uncle Malcolm, his daughter, Mary and me

There were 7 of us at lunch and non-stop visitors 11 am to 5 pm which I found exhausting, but since there were only 2 extra callers after lunch it wasn't too many people. Mum was in fine form and talked the ears off us all.

Sharron gives her gift of a pretty rose to Mum

Katie and Lexie enjoyed being in the midst of us

I had made a frittata using roast autumn veggies. I wanted it to be extra deep so the pieces would look like a high pile of colourful, sort of marbled veggies on our plates. I roasted chunks of potato, pumpkin, and cream and orange kumera, (sweet potato). I had several handfuls of fresh clean spinach. I also chopped and tossed together a red capsicum, leek and celery. I layered the roast veggies, the leek mix and the spinach with a little grated cheese, (parmesan and cheddar). When my deep square cake tin was full I covered it with more grated cheese sprinkled with pinenuts then carefully poured over the eggs beaten together with cream and milk. I had also liberally used some Italian herb seasoning with plenty of fresh ground pepper. Jay made the salad and another friend Barbara, had brought savoury stuffed eggs. We had a choice of mustard pickle, beetroot pickle and lite ranch or balsamic dressing. With freshly baked hot rolls this was a huge meal. I'm having frittata again for lunch today.

We also had a choice of two dessert slices, one was my Louise Cake which was slightly different and more luscious because I put a layer of fresh/frozen mixed berries on top of the jam layer and a thicker meringue top which was crunchy on top and soft in the middle. I don't know how I stopped myself from gorging on it. Barbara had brought a delicious apricot walnut slice. I broke my calorie free drink run with fruit punch made with juice lemonade and gingerale, (flavoured sodas).

It's a wonder I didn't suffer a sugar shock but I must have kept my portions at a nearly reasonable level. Although did I eat too much at lunch and felt overfull for a while. I don't like feeling uncomfortable.

Mum's late afternoon view down the beach from her chair

Jay, Sharron and Poppy after their walk in the late afternoon

During the afternoon we received the news we'd been waiting for. The date and time of Jenny's funeral. Read more on this post.

We were very tired by the time we got home and I was glad we had enough left-overs from lunch for our dinner. I didn't even bother to heat my piece of frittata.

Mum surprised us by declaring she will go to the funeral so I was in a right old mood when I got home. Dealing with Mum, having to consider her needs, on a day that is bad enough anyway, had me spitting tacks and determined that I'd find a way to get her to change her mind. This morning I've thought things through and maybe there is a way we can manage. It will all work out over the weekend as today is only Thursday, (NZ time), and the funeral will be Monday afternoon.

TWJ and I had already asked another lady, Barbara, to go with us rather than her travelling alone. We have a 3 hour trip to Matamata, slightly longer for TWJ and I. We plan on a there and back trip. But we need to leave home before 10 am. We may not be able to return as early as we'd like it could be 9 or 10 pm before we get home. That's too long for Mum. She will need to stay somewhere closer for at least one night. I'm hoping my brother will help. I understand Mum wanting to go and maybe she should but it complicates an already exhausting week.

Today, Jay, our daughter, has gone to Matamata to be with her cousins. They are all crammed into Jenny's house with her sister but it is a good thing because they can talk and spend time with each other. I still have to pack my overnight things as we will stay with Mum. Somehow I will manage through these next few days. I have decided any exercise is a wash out this week. Who knows I might get myself out for a walk on the beach but my plan has fallen apart at the seams. Food not so bad so far. It will become more difficult and I will become tired but I have a few rules in place that hopefully will get me through the worst places.


Chris H said...

I hope the funeral goes well.
I am sure we have seen and talked to your Mum on the beach over many summers! She always went swimming with a cap on her head?

Sylvia said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. They are very lovely. :)

I hope all is well with you considering what you have been through this past week. Best wishes to you!!!