Friday, 14 May 2010


Katie, with the white blaze, and Lexie are meant to be apartment cats. We keep them upstairs with Mum and they have the run of the house and deck where the litter box is kept. Each day, weather permitting, they are taken out for a walk. My intention was for them to be always on a lead to keep them safe. I wanted them not to feel comfortable out of doors unless they were in their harness. Other family members didn't have my resolve so here they are walking free on the beach. I am very careful with them because they have a tendency to go further afield and then there is the hunt through other properties and the worry of the road where we have lost 2 beautiful cats in the last few years.

Friday already and I have been maintaining for nearly 2 weeks.

I am accepting that sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and we have to make the best of things. I am pleased that I'm still writing here. I am pleased that the weight gain is small, 1kg/2 lbs, and should right itself in a few days. I am pleased that all through this awful and wonderful time with all the mixed emotional stuff, Mum's 95th birthday and the sudden, accidental death of my sister-in-law, I have not overeaten. It wasn't always convenient to stay on plan but I kept a close eye on what I was eating. There was almost no thoughtless eating and although starches and sugars featured more than I would have liked there were no food disasters.

TWJ and I had 2 days complete rest n Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday we went to Mum's to visit with my sister and Jenny's daughter and family who return to Bali in a few days. We also went to the SuperMarket. I've been changing my buying habits in an effort to control our spending. I do a main shop once a fortnight and then nothing except essential perishables in between. We spent so much yesterday I'm not sure how well the budget side of things is working. It will probably take a couple of months to settle down, especially after the last fortnight's extra ordinary spending which included new tyres and a battery for the car.

It wasn't easy shopping yesterday because I was hungry. It was late afternoon and I do have a few food craving as a result of consuming extra starches and sugars over the last 10 or so days. I try not to bring anything into the house that will set me off but how I wanted to buy some evil things like muffins and Nestle cappuccino sachets which were specials at a good reduced price. Somehow I got out through the check out and the worst things in the cart were biscuits and icecream for TWJ.

I am concerned that two things on my very important list are not happening.

I am not drinking enough water/flavoured calorie free teas. I am not getting regular planned exercise. My food is generally OK but I do need to get a grip and have a completely low Carb week and make the effort to be in ketosis again. We've had some rain and a few cooler, windy days but on the whole our weather is no excuse for not going for walks. Today is perfect inspite of a bad weather forecaste.

I would have loved to spend today with my plan in focus but I have to go over to Mum's for the afternoon and I need to make sure there is an easy dinner ready for Mum and Jay because she has a heavy workload after so many days off in the last 2 weeks. She will be tired when she gets home. Mum is going to the Dr. this morning, my sister will take her before she goes home. Yesterday Mum was still talking 90 to the dozen. We tried to keep her quiet and I even got angry with her. We'd ask a simple question and Mum would spend the next half hour giving us a detailed answer. Too Much Information, especially as she had an extremely croaky voice. Mum is now fighting off some kind of infection, cold, laryngitis, sore throat, maybe chest infection. It's no surprise to me that with all the excitement/stress she is sick as her immune system is very low at the best of times now. One of the reasons she keeps so well is that we are very thoughtful around her if we have colds and it is rare for her to be out in a crowd.

I will be backwards and forwards to Mum's for the weekend too as Jay is on duty. I will do my best to stay on plan. I also need to call our son in Rotorua as he has been sick. He is a paraplegic and lives independently but when he gets sick there is no-one to care for him. I'm a Mum. I worry about him and we are too far away to pop in and help out. It's nearly 4 hours driving from here to there.

I cannot end this post without acknowledging TWJ. He surely is The Wonderful John. Right now he is doing our dishes and has finished hanging my washing on the line. I would not have come through the last 2 weeks with so little damage except that he has faithfully prepared my Smoothie every morning. Because the frozen berries were sitting thawing in the jug I had to get up and mix it up and drink it. Had breakfast been left to me I would have fallen into chaotic eating patterns and had heaps of toast, butter, honey and jam for breakfast, lunch and tea. I'm not sure he realises how important this small thing he does while his porridge cooks in the microwave, is to me and my food plan.

On the note of Smoothies, I see quite a lot of people consider them as being 'Not Real Food.' I wonder why this is. My smoothie consists of 1/2 cup of milk, usually whole milk, 1/4 cup plain yoghurt, a handful of various frozen berries, a scoop of whey protein powder and 2 teaspoons of fibre, (just to make sure, you Know!). This sounds like real food to me. Sure it's high in dairy but it's all healthy and I have no hang-ups about dairy or meat or any other food. There are some foods I don't eat often from choice such as tofu and fish because I came to the conclusion that life is too short to force myself to eat foods I don't really like. (The list also includes most things Asian). This smoothie holds. I almost never feel hungry for the next 3 to 4 hours. I have recently assessed my nutrition and there is only one important element missing and that is Omega 3. I'm having trouble with oils, even in capsule form, and I don't care for salmon and tuna. I will do some research and see how I can get more of Vitamin E and this essential element because I have skin issues.

I'll be here again soon, hopefully tomorrow.


Kate said...

what a hectic couple of weeks you have had margieanne, you have come through it so well. kudos to you. and i agree about the smoothie. sounds fine to me!! and it is definitely better and more convenient for you than the bread, butter and spreads!! xo

Chris H said...

Your smoothies sound wonderful to me... and REAL food! Pffffft to anyone who thinks it's not!
Shame the road is so busy and unsafe for the cats... but that's how it goes.
Hope your Mum is feeling better soon.