Friday, 28 May 2010


I'm so pleased I managed yesterday quite well. Writing about my worries probably helped a lot. Every time I opened Mum's pantry there were the pink buns and muffins calling me but I just pretended I couldn't see them and went on with what I'd opened the door for. Yay Me!

Now for today. I have a plan but it ends at the SuperMarket this afternoon after going to the Dr. for my regular B.P. and prescription. I want to get something easy-peasy for tea but not sure what it will be as yet. Maybe I'll splurge on steak as I have plenty of salad stuff to go with it and we will only be home one day before we are away to Rotorua for a couple of nights. We're staying in a hotel so no kitchen facilities. We will cook at our son's but not sure which meals as it's important not to be too much in his face.

We had a stormy night so I didn't sleep too well. So noisy here, within a few yards of the sea which is still roaring away. The waves ran right up onto our lawn during the night, there was/is some wind and heavy rain. When there's so much weather noise I wake wondering what all the noises are and whether there is anything loose lying around to blow away in the wind.

Oh I have a Blog Award.
I can do this now as I have an hour before I am needed again. Thanks Sylvia. I like Awards especially when they are challenging. Thanks Sylvia at Big Steps 2 Take,

The rules of the award are that I share 7 things about me that you all don't know yet.

This is not so easy as I feel as though I've been an open book here.

1. I went to a private boarding school, 1952 - 1956. twice I climbed out the window and went on an adventure. In the dark, we hitched a ride to the nearest town. Looking back I am horrified. No way would a young girl be safe doing this today and we were probably not all that safe then.

2. I am the first grandchild on my mother's side and was very loved by many aunts and my Mother's cousins.

3. I first went to Children's Sunday School when I was 4 years old. We had lovely Brethren, (in many ways similar to Southern Baptist), neighbours who took me.

4. I have experienced God in some amazing ways. Not least was after asking for prayer for emotional/spiritual healing to love myself. Nothing happened right away but I woke about the same time each of the next three nights bathed in what I can only describe as a cocoon of Glory. It was like being in liquid, golden love.

5. When I first met TWJ my parents refused to permit our marriage because he was not from the same 'socioeconomic strata'. Later they apologised and now my Mother criticises me for not caring enough for him.

6. I love cats, TWJ loves dogs. We have no pets because our life is too chaotic in the sense we don't know where will be from one week to the next, and our lifestyle would not be fair to a pet.

7. I had all the pretty clothes for dancing, ballroom and rock and roll, when we married, and I've never wore any of them, especially the extra full circular, frilly, stiff petticoat. My Wedding Dress was even designed to be modified into a Ballgown. Sad but when the man refuses, what do you do? He must have been in love to go along with me before we married. What men will do to catch a gal! I must have been in love to accept his reluctance without constantly moaning.

The second requirement is that I pass the award on to 7 other Beautiful Bloggers. Check out their blogs (in no particular order)!!

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I must apologise if you've been looking for this post. It has taken me all day to publish owing to some silly computer hitches.
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