Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Matarangi Beach

Today is perfect. Not a cloud in the sky.

Warm with a light breeze, enough to keep it from being too hot in the middle of the day. I went for my first 'walk' in weeks and I broke my rule to limit my time. The day is too lovely to keep to silly rules. It was most enjoyable. All is quiet with the air filled with bird song.

It wasn't a fast walk because I kept stopping. I played and dawdled and took photos because I wanted you to see how beautiful it is.

Can't walk along a beach without collecting shells

I don't know about you but I'm a beachcomber. There is a huge variety of shells on the beach. Among the shells here is a live pipi. They are oval and about 4 - 6 cm/2 or 3 inches long. People who like shell fish gather them in waist deep water at low tide. Pipis like to bury themselves in the sand so you feel for them with your feet then dig. Too bad if a wave comes to splash your face.

Holiday homes closed until next time

These houses are built on a sand hill about 100 metres/yards back from the beach. There is a bank a few metres high which drops down onto the beach. This bank erodes a little in every easterly storm then slowly builds again. We live with the tides and seasons of nature. .

The path home from the beach

Pleasantly shady on a hot day. Many similar paths weave among the houses. It is like living in a resort without the crowds.

Across the road from our house

Cattle graze here frequently but today they are lazing under a shady tree in another paddock. If you look hard you will see the duck that quacked at me.

I took advantage of Mum's good health and stayed home. She didn't need me today. We'll be going tomorrow and will also shop for a few essential groceries. I can hardly believe that after 3 years of scary health problems, all related to high blood pressure and an overworked heart, Mum is doing fine. I remember praying that her health would stabalise. I believe that we are meant to enjoy good health until the day we die. I know that's not always a reality but I still believe that's God's plan for us.

There are consequences of living with unhealthy habits and some of us have a family history that causes us to be more at risk, or we have injuries and *#$%^&* happens. I still believe that God's plan is for us to have good health all of our days and when something bad happens we deal with it as best we can. Two weeks from her 95th birthday my mother has better health than when she was 93. Her health isn't great but she is enjoying being reasonably well. She is an example for me to follow although, except for these last few years, she has been fitter and worked harder than me.

I am blessed in so many ways. I cannot think why I ever bother to complain. *smile* I hope your day is as beautiful as mine. .


Brandi said...

I love your optimism, and you really do live in a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing your thoughts today!

Chris H said...

Lovely to see the coromandle hills ... miss them. I too always gather shells on the beach!
Lovely day you had.

Margie M. said...

What a lovely walk on the beach we enjoyed with you, MargieAnne. I'm glad your Mum is doing better. Have a great day...and take some time for yourself!

ladyofthehouse said...

Thank for your kind words on my blog!!
I love reading your posts on your blog, you have a gift for encouragement!! Your home land truly is beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing the pictures from your walk.
diane :) (its-t-i-m-e.blogspot)

Mama Bear June said...

What a gorgeous day and a great place to walk! So glad your mom is doing well.
Path to Health

Kate said...

margieanne it is so lovely to see snapshots of where you are living :) and how nice that your mum is about to celebrate her 93rd birthday. 93 birthdays sounds like such a lot. would be interested in hearing what she thinks was her most memorable birthday and why? xox