Sunday, 11 April 2010


Two days and my special challenge ends. My LFL week begins tomorrow so there will be two kind of official weigh ins this week. Not that it makes any real difference because I weigh daily. That is crazy in some eyes but works for me. As long as I follow this routine of daily weigh ins I am working toward my goal. The day I miss a weigh in I am on the slippery slide down to not caring or being thoughtful. The next thing I know I have backslidden in every area and eating unhelpful foods again.

I have decided to follow the LFL program for the next 6 weeks. It is divided into a series of 6 week modules and works for me. I'd love to go past 93 kg in that time but my progress this year does not encourage me to set that as a goal. I am setting my sights on 95 kg on or before May 26th. I should then be able to blast past 93 kg before my 71st birthday on June 15th. 93 kg is a place where I've become stuck a few times so there is a mental block I need to break through for the last time.

I copied the following from an early post ... 2 years ago. It still stands.

Another thing I like about LFL is the Work-Book which gives me a daily subject to work on so that I am gradually building life time skills. I have found this possibly the best personal growth series I have ever tried.

I enjoy the fact that I can break up the weight loss journey into 6 week modules. 4 weeks of fairly rapid weight loss followed by 2 weeks of maintenance which helps prepare the body for a healthy life rather than yo-yo dieting. I know that so far my journey has not been very consistent or even a good example of what LFL offers. I also know that I am better off doing this program than anything else I have tried.

The four weight loss weeks begin with a three day period designed to bring the body into fat burning mode as shown by a morning urine test with a ketostick. It's kind of cool to see the change in colour and know you are burning fat for sure, plus it keeps me motivated to eat better and maintain daily exercise which I am really slack about. The rest of the week eating is 'normal' for me so long as I avoid bread, other baked goods and don't overdo the fats. Thus it is called a ketogenic diet. To help keep me on the straight path each week begins with a mainly protein day. I limit myself to minimum carb veggies like lettuce and cucumber on those days. When I first did this I didn't eat any veggies but have realised protein on it's own is not very good for me. These 4 weeks can be repeated, bringing the complete module to 10 weeks, by the well adjusted but I do find I tend to run off the rails when I go over four weeks of weight loss.

The next two weeks a few foods are gradually introduced to increase the carbohydrate content. It's nice to have a break from the strict routine even if it is minimal and I believe the theory behind it. By having a break from weight loss you give your body a chance to accept a new 'set point.' When I first heard this phrase I thought "What?" But I have come to appreciate the theory. In my experience this saves me from the frustration of a plateau. In fact LFL has a plateau busting day and you are not expected to go more than 4 days without showing some weight loss, during those first 4 weeks. That also helps to keep motivated.

Tomorrow I will do a ketosis test and continue on with a mainly protein day. I will do 4 weeks following the weight loss plan. I eat the way I want to eat but keep my carbohydrate around 80 grams a day and so long as I get a good walk each day I stay burning off the fat. That has to be good for me. During the last 2 weeks, called 'Metabolic Adjustment,' I add a few more carbohydrates, not many, and continue to weigh daily. The idea is to maintain the weight lost and if you/me loses more than 1 kg then to eat a few more carbs. In practice I usually continue to lose weight but I'm sure that will not be happen once I have lost another 20 kg or so. Being so very fat means I do show better results now that when there are only a few kgs to lose.

I think one of the beauties of this program is that it seems to work as well for those who have 5kg to lose as those who have 50 or 70 kg. I am unapologetically enthusiastic about LFL. I have issues with WW but that's me, and I see it working well for many. I will count my carbohydrate grams once a week, choosing a day at random. This is to keep me in tune with serving sizes. Otherwise I do not count calories, points or weigh my food. All that is tedious and not how people with no eating problem behave. It is liberating. I can eat out and choose wisely and still stay in ketosis and food cravings are rare. If I do indulge and find myself not registering a positive reaction on the ketostick it is a fairly simple matter to bring the body back into ketosis by repeating the mainly protein days up to 3 days in a row. I like meat, cheese and eggs and eat mostly whole, natural foods so there are no major hindrances to doing it right.

My enthusiasm for this program is so great it is a wonder that I don't live it all the time. All it takes is a little planning, some focus and resistance to temptation, sabotage etc. It's also easy to fall off the plan and I am a person who will take the line of least resistance more often than I care to admit.

I need to get away from here, have my breakfast smoothie and dress for church. Today I will have lunch with Mum. I'm getting back into the old routine of spending several days a week with Mum while our daughter, Jay works. This is her weekend on duty, driving umpteen miles visiting various people who need her medical expertise. She is a Community Health Nurse, in the old days, a District Nurse, and generally understood as a visiting nurse. They care for people in their own homes, providing post surgery and wound care, hospice care for seriously ill and terminally ill and so on. They also run a clinic at their office for the walking sick/wounded. It is quite a responsible job and sometimes stressful but she has come to really love it. She is always tired at the end of a weekend on duty and driving through the Sunday afternoon traffic on out narrow winding roads doesn't make it easier. I try to be there for her as much as possible It's become a balancing act to meet my own needs and provide support for Jay.


Kate said...

you are a great mum margieanne you must be proud of what your daughter does for a job. helping people. i agree about WW and about the weighing as well!!!

Hippygal said...

We have to do what program works for us, and for me I know WW works well cause of the flexibility I can have with points. Good look with LFL. Lets make this year count :-)