Monday, 19 April 2010


The road is long and you never now what you will see next

I really don't have much to say.

The last few days I've been reading this.

Jack's humour does me good, although sometimes profane. I can do without that. More importantly somehow his writing has got through to me. Maybe I am simply ready for his message. 'Eat Less, Exercise More.' Somehow I have come to understand the meaning of, 'this is forever.' Somehow it doesn't matter anymore how long it takes to reach my healthy weight and fitness. The goals are there, some written, some tucked under 'wait and see,' some I may not have discovered yet. It seems weird to say time no longer matters. I'm 2 months away from my 71st birthday and the achievement dates are no longer important because this is forever, no ending this side of death.

I've redone my goals to accommodate a very slow but probably more realistic weight loss of 1 pound a week. I've written my ultimate exercise plan with a program to gradually build up to it. I'm finally accepting that slower is better, that twice a week is better than nothing. I'd love to blast this weight off but it's been hanging around for a while now so that must say something about my methods to get rid of it. I know I can lose over 1 kilo a week if I eat perfectly and exercise perfectly everyday. I also know that I cannot sustain a program like that for weeks and months. It's better to go slowly and know I can sustain it forever. So many people have left comments to this effect, not the least being Cammy of Tippy Toe Diet fame. I stubbornly ignored the honest advice. Thank-you all because without you I might have taken even longer to accept the better way.

All my life I've looked at things I wanted with the attitude of not wanting to spend the necessary time working towards the target. I did it when I left school, choosing careers with minimum training time. I bypassed a few opportunities because it would take too long to qualify. I wanted to take the fast route for whatever reason and here I have been applying the same wonky philosophy to losing weight and becoming fitter.

I have also been doing something else that will ultimately sabotage any chance of success. I have been thinking I can do what many younger people do. I don't have the energy of a thirty-five year old. Because I can follow a plan in short bursts I tried to do it for the long haul. I know that long haul trucks have different engines to the short delivery vehicles. I know that my body is suited to long slower walks rather than fast walking. I have needed to pace myself For 35 years I have been pacing myself, accepting that I needed to space out heavy energy days. Thirty-five years ago I suddenly developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or M.E, whatever you prefer to call it. At some point I became well and have never been unwell again but I do need to pace myself and I do need more 'Blob Out' days than most, and I can wear myself out if I don't pace myself properly. I forgot this when I put my exercise plan together.

I became well during the years we had a Market Garden, (growing a variety of veggies and strawberries). I gradually became more able and fitter and stronger because I had to and I was active. I haven't been that active since 1992 except in short periods. No wonder I have been thinking a lot about my need to move more. I thought I had a good program going a few weeks ago. I loved it and was so proud of myself for being able to walk for 45 minutes and do 6 kilometres in 30 minutes on the cross-trainer, (a little like an elliptical I'm told), several days in a row. But I crashed and burned and went back to the recliner. I need a plan that can become a daily/weekly habit. I need to accept that I can push myself 3, maybe 4 days in a row but each day the tiredness accumulates until I'm just too weary to do anything.

I've looked at what a sustainable plan might be. It's not exciting but I'm going to try it and see how long I can maintain it. I can make small increases to the time I'm active at 2 weekly intervals. I'm putting notes around the house to remind me to move, to remind me what the days plan is. I.m going to try to be strict about not doing more than the planned exercise each day. This is forever, not a flash in the pan thing. I'm a fat old lady and I want to live not kill myself.

This is very important. I've become attached, almost literally, to my laptop. I read blogs by the hour the way I read books when I'm on a reading binge. I've found so many Blogs I'm interested in, some for weight loss and fitness, others by the Full Time RV people plus a few by crafts people. This is becoming a dangerous habit, a terrible use of time. I'm going to limit my computer time. That will be hard.

I lived here once
Keilawarra in the Turakina Valley, N.Z.

If you've read this far, And I thank-you for doing so, you can see I have nothing much to say today, but I've been doing a lot of thinking.
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