Wednesday, 14 April 2010


A new day and I'm learning. It was a brain wave to ask TWJ to prepare my breakfast smoothie while his porridge cooks. It does not interfere with his routine and it means I do not get to 2 pm and suddenly realise I have had no more than a cup of coffee all day. This was setting me up for some very low eating days and also unintentional fasting which is never healthy.

I think it helps him to be on board with my weight loss/healthy objectives. It is certainly good for me to share this. I am inclined to run solo and think that no-one can help me. Isolating myself is never healthy. This morning it came home to me just how easy it is for me to get into bad habits, like not having breakfast as I plan. I got lost in the business of budgeting and a grocery list. Suddenly I looked up realising TWJ had finished his porridge long since and my smoothie was sitting on the counter growing warm. At least it went down the hatch faster than when freezing cold. Had he not prepared it I could have let hours go by again.

Then the morning provided another bonus. A text from Jay to say Mum had enough people coming in today, including the at home hairdresser this morning and her cleaner/carer for an hour this afternoon. I can stay home. Yay, Yay and Yay again. thought I would be out from about 11 am to maybe 7 pm or later so this is great. Tomorrow will be our main day out and will do grocery shopping too. Friday I want to go to River Day ... monthly Ladies Retreat run by my Pauanui Church. I'm hoping to go with a friend and share fuel cost.

We have worked out our new budget and currently we can keep up with everything if we don't buy groceries, clothes or fuel. Not sure where that leaves us as we agree that working for wages is too hard for us now. We don't want to sell the house. Firstly there is next to no market for it at present. Things may look better in 18 months to 2 years. Secondly we still have to live somewhere. There are a few things I can do to generate a little income but it is going to be a challenge getting through the next 6 months without resorting to our credit cards. The price of our last trip to USA is proving to be very high but I'm still glad we went. Money, while essential, does tend to come and go. A trip like the one we had is priceless. We have a treasure box of memories beyond value.

After our Cruise to Alaska and back to Vancouver we took the ferry from Keystone to Port Townsend. Our first night back on USA soil was in an old Motel in Sequim. We had a very nice breakfast at Starbucks inside Safeway. After scrutinising all the goodies we chose toasted panninis from the food a to go counter and ate them with Starbucks coffee. A substantial breakfast inside our budget and I got my coffee. The annual Lavender Festival was days away so we visited one of the gardens on our route west. It was a small but delightful garden where we saw hummingbirds for the first time. We stood for ages admiring the tiny birds and the variety of hummingbird feeders. I was very pleased to get a few shots on video. We watched folk picking bunches of lavender, fresh with dew, for $5.00 and I looked around the cute wee shop, bemoaning my lack of spare cash.

I am slowly getting my routine back on track. Today threatened rain but since it doesn't appear to have substance I can go for a walk. Oh how I like being told I can stay home.


Amy said...

Yay MargieAnne!! Love love that you are getting your bounce back!

So appreciate your heart and encouragement! So so so much!

Hanlie said...

Those pictures are so beautiful! I love, love, love lavender!