Friday, April 9, 2010


Thank-you Ohio Girl from Chicago for visiting my Blog. I linked back to yours but see you are not really using it so put my thanks here. I hope one day you will begin posting regularly. As you see I am finding it so helpful in identifying the cause of some of my bad habits. Other times it's just good to connect with others who understand

New Zealand is a wonderful country and I have been very slack about photos so you can enjoy our wonderful scenery. Mind you I'm not a great photographer sometimes my photos don't do justice but these are OK.

I'm trying to get myself into the habit of at least one photo with each post so here goes.What a view! Three years ago we celebrated our wedding Anniversary with lunch Here

We also bought a bottle of Pinot Noir which we've not yet opened. We don't drink much alcohol and tend to forget we have wine. It's out on the bench now so we will try it later today. I hope it hasn't spoiled as it wasn't stored appropriately and has been subject to fluctuating temperatures. The day around Bannockburn, near Cromwell in Central Otago was something special, fantastic!

TWJ standing outside a small cave dug into the rock

This was once a goldminer's home, cool in the summer heat and warmer in the freezing winter. We walked and climbed marvelling at the industry and hardiness of those pioneers.

An Old Goldfield

We did some hard walking up and down these workings.There were several castle like outcrops. Once a part of these large hills, they were whittled down by pick and shovel in the quest for gold.

My Amazing Challenge is coming to a close. I have learned heaps more about myself and I have lost 3 kg so all is not lost but I do feel as though it has been a bit whimpy.

Will I start another straight away? I think not. I need to get on with the everyday business of living healthy. If I live a healthy lifestyle I will lose weight. It isn't that difficult, it's just my procrastination. If I'm eating sensibly I will lose weight. We eat little processed food, mostly home prepared and cooked with whole, fresh ingredients. I do need to get my exercise up as that is the key to my weight loss and better health.

I think I can honestly say food is not the major problem any more. That doesn't mean I can give myself permission to slack off and not plan. It means I no longer obsess about food most of the time. If I find I'm having food issues, as I did earlier this week I am confident I will now work my way through to the root and deal. This is a huge relief. To know I can deal with the causes of eating when they are rooted in emotional/spiritual stuff is liberating. I knew I would find this place the day I turned my life over to Jesus. It has taken 36 years to become confident. It's been a long journey marked by many struggles but I think I'm there. Now I can get on with life knowing a new freedom.


Hippygal said...

OMG what lovely photos..... and awesome about the challenge :-)

Seth said...

pictures look great.quite different from Mid Missouri. Getting back to just healthy living will pay off in the long term.

While challenges are great to do they are temporary.

keep up the work.

Cammy said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos! They remind me of the American Southwest, Nevada in particular.

Congrats on a successful challenge! You've made great progress, both with the scale and with your actions!