Wednesday, 3 March 2010


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Been There Done that! Yes I tried Jenny Craig and was a successful loser until a family upset stressed me out so badly I couldn't justify continuing spending the money and finally gave up and regained all the weight until I am now 15 kg/33 lbs heavier than my best J.C, weight. That was about 15 years ago. I tried with them once again but couldn't face their food, especially as I lived in an out of the way place, where meals had to be couriered and the frozen meals were out.

I liked the private one on one support, rather than the group thing as in WW. But in the last few years I've found something much better.... - all I need to do is 'DO IT.' I am very comfortable working alone, .... sorry, that's not strictly true because I find many friends here who have become vitally important to my weight loss efforts. I manage very well without face to face support, perhaps because I'm learning to use the family support where it is available. Blogging has turned out to be more effective than counselling and so much less expensive. LOL I have also discovered the joy of Low Carb. I use Joy deliberately. When I Low Carb my moods are so much happier. I cope better with minor upsets, I'm not so likely to be crabby, grumpy, sharp, impatient, angry, snappy, ... I think you get the picture. My brain is much clearer and I do feel more energetic.

I'm not doing anywhere as much exercise as I should but I know that as I lose a few more kilograms it becomes easier and I become more enthused so not anxious about that right now. I have a plan and some goals and am working patiently toward them.

True or a big fat lie.

I'm going to stretch out the answers, one for each day of the week. *smile*

1. I've once went for a ride in the sky in a Hot Air Balloon. We came down in a hurry and landed in a paddock as the cows were going into the milking shed. We frightened cows, farmer, dogs out of their wits.

I love watching Hot Air Balloons. I remember waking one morning to a fierce roaring sound. We rushed outside to see a Balloon trying to lift off from the nearby school grounds in cool, foggy air. They were using full flame. I had thought the ride would be completely silent but not so when power is required. I've never been to this but I've seen it on TV. It's a little more than couple of hours drive from home, and my brother lives a few kilometres south of Hamilton, so one of these days I'll persuade TWJ to take the trip. There are some fantastic Balloons so it is quite a spectacle. I see the next festival is 24th - 28th March, only 3 weeks away. Maybe this is the year.

Not doing anything exciting today. Yesterday we went to Palms Mall, banked some money, wandered around. I bought some very expensive hand cream ... a bit naughty of me. Let's say I was persuaded by the handsome Israeli salesman in the Mall who was busy giving enormous discounts. I'm not usually such a sucker. All I can say is the product is excellent and worth the money but ..... I didn't need to spend it.

We had a nice coffee, I'd rushed off without a proper breakfast. The original plan was for A and TWJ to go to Hornby Mall and I'm not interested in going there. There was a last minute change and I was given 15 minutes to get dressed, clean my teeth and eat something. I had a small piece of cheese and made the deadline. At the Mall I had a double shot cappuccino and shared a savoury muffin. I wasn't hungry and found it easy to last until after mid-day when we got home when I made a smoothie. We had far too much time to waste in the Mall while we waited for A but we did spend some of it wisely. We upgraded our wireless internet. I can now get 8 giga thingies. It will cost me an extra 20 dollars but I can live with that if I can go to some of my favourite Church meetings on the web. Living in an out-of-the-way place has some disadvantages. We live too far from my 'home Church' to go regularly and the closer ones are not lively enough for me .... read here, they are more religious than relationship orientated.

Back to, 'We had a nice coffee.' TWJ and talked out something that is happening in our family, voicing our concerns to one another. We shared how we felt and how disappointed and shocked we are. It is not often I can share this stuff with him but in this case he is being verbal. A miracle in itself. I think he is more upset than I. This is so much better than when other "family problems" have arisen. TWJ would get impatient with my need to talk and go hide in his inner cave. I would be left alone and desolate battling with anger toward him as well as all the rest. We are making progress in our relationship in our old age. Ha! I wish there was an easy solution but we're talking about very disfunctional people in their 40s who are strong minded if foolish muddlers. I don't want to cope by turning a blind eye to the situation but I might have no other solution. Prayer, talking to Abba, is the only way through this. Oh I do have another weapon. Praise changes the atmosphere so I can worship too.

I'm not doing anything but there is plenty going on in our lives, so no dull moments.

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