Friday, 5 March 2010


It put me in a hammer lock and force fed me a whole lot of things I no longer eat. Munchie Monster was real sneaky and attacked me after hours. This was not only sneaky but mean and underhand and I was defenceless. How can you fight against something stronger than yourself? It was eat or die!

The cause. I probably did not eat enough lunch. I think I had what amounted to a snack of chicken and lettuce leaves. After lunch I went with A to buy some mosaic tiles. That was fun, inspiring fascinating and I want to live in Christchurch where there are so many interesting things. I bought some beads for my lavender bags. If I decide to do mosaics I can buy on-line. I have a few ideas I like to follow through on. Then we visited A's mother and the hot afternoon wore on and all I had were 2 large glasses of water. Sounds OK but I needed some protein. We had vegie bake for tea/dinner and I was hungry so loaded my plate, there was quite a lot of potato which I spooned out instead of picking out the low carb stuff. Again I did not eat enough protein. The clincher was staying home while W & A & TWJ went to the Car Club Meeting. They were no sooner gone and I felt hungry, craving something high carb. To be honest the cravings had begun earlier in the day and because there was nothing in the house to tempt me I was able to ignore them. Alone in the house, I opened the fridge six hundred times. I checked out the cupboards one after the other, even examining the pot cupboard. I kept going back to the pantry. A packet of Nestle Mocha Macadamia was working hard to catch my eye and began yelling, 'Me, Me, ME! Nobody here loves me, only you. Pick me, pick me!' So I did. But I had to add 1 teaspoon of brown sugar to make the treat even more pleasurable.

I knew I needed something so I very sensibly got myself a chicken snack followed by yoghurt and fresh passionfruit. All good. Finally the family came home and I was no longer alone. But the Munchie Monster had got to them and filled their arms with food. Food that I no longer eat. The Munchie Monster was in charge of this household and I was helpless. First came the sausage rolls. The pastry was crunchy and the filling wondrously savoury. Munchie Monster knows how to turn this girl on. Then came the sandwich .... just what I needed to fill the craving. WHAT! I hate white soft bread with no character. I hate cheese and ham together. I hate doorstep sandwiches unless I've made them. But the Munchie Monster got me in this hold and forced me to open my mouth and chew and swallow until the whole doorstep had gone.

Midnight came and we were still talking and I was trying to finish something I had begun earlier. That's when someone looked at the clock and they all headed of to bed while I continued in peace. No sooner alone and the Munchie Monster came on to me twice as strong. This time it didn't bring one sandwich but stacked two, one on top of the other and forced my mouth open again and wouldn't leave me alone until I'd chewed and swallowed the whole thing. I finally went to bed still unsatisfied and very annoyed with myself for being so weak.

The damage showed on the scales. All I can do is go into recovery and eat properly today, ensuring I eat all my program food in a timely manner and drink my water too.

True or a big fat lie.

I missed posting yesterday so there is a bonus today, 2 for 1 and all free.

My mother, TWJ, a nephew waiting for my birthday lunch

2. I had 2 birthdays in the same year.

This is true. On June 15th last year we travelled to the USA. I had my 70th birthday lunch with my mother at Simpsons Beach before being driven to Auckland Airport. Our flight left about 9 pm. We arrived in San Fransisco 12 hours later about 6 am and the date June 15th so I had my birthday twice in 2009. My mother was so tickled she told everyone I would be 140 when I returned.

3. I shared a house with people from 17 different nationalities.

It was more than 20 nationalities but not all at the same time thank goodness. I helped Jay, our daughter, run her BackPacker Lodge in Tairua for 6 or 7 years. It was very interesting. I loved meeting people from all over the world. The funniest were Americans who did not always get the concept of this type of accommodation,or they had an idea that all BackPacker Hostels are horrors to be avoided. This is how it looks now with different owners.

We have a special day coming up tomorrow. For A's birthday we are going to the Market at Lyttleton, then on to Akaroa and the Giant's House and other interesting places like this. We'll have an out door lunch. In the evening we are going to the Something Club with A's parents for dinner. Somehow I don't think I'm going to stay on program. It's not often we get together and being able to share A's birthday is great.


B%$#&^ H$#@*## I've come here to escape the Munchie Monster. I was a real good Lean For Lifer and made my chicken salad. Just the right sized serving. I joined the rest of family, who were eating ham and cheese sandwiches on the patio. A placed a plate of Lamingtons, right in front of me. Granted they were free of cream filling but they are cakes ..... not food I eat, but food the Munchie Monster wants to force on me. If I stay here long enough they might all go before I can be force fed.
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