Monday, 1 March 2010


I like to think that I fall more strongly on the side of those who make things happen I can also be passive, not always willing to try new things or run with a challenge. This puts me roughly in the middle, between the two extremes and where most people fall.

1. Identifying the problem - Be sure you are naming the 'problem' and not getting lost in the feelings. It is normal to be anxious, unsure, disappointed, angry, etc. etc. but these are symptoms of the problem. Being objective is not always easy. (paraphrased from LFL Workbook)

Usually I journal and then try to answer the problem, standing back from myself. I often work through problems out in the open here, on this Blog, which is not necessarily ideal as some things are far too personal for the internet. I think I handle this part quite well at this point in my life, but I'm often surprised by the real cause of my anguish or whatever it may be. Old heads are not always wise heads.

2. Create a list of possible solutions. Brainstorm all the ways you can think of to solve the problem. As you write down all the options that come to mind, ignore your critical inner voice, the one that says things like, "that'll never work!"

This is so timely. I have something right now I need to work through this way. My natural tendency is to fret, worry, toss it to the back of my mind then keep on bringing it up like a cow chewing cud. Yuck!

3. Choose the best solution. In many cases, more than one solution will work, yet one is likely to emerge as more effective and productive than the others.

4. Set realistic goals. You want your goals to be big enough to matter, small enough to achieve, and safe enough to tolerate. Think of your goal as a dream with a deadline, then make it happen!

I've set out my weight goals on here They are challenging and I'm prepared not to be perfect, and willing to make the necessary adjustments, but I'm doing my best to plan and act for success. I've brokem my weight loss goals into about 3 kg or 7 pounds every 2 weeks. This is possibly a little high, hence the possibility of needing to make some adjustments, but it is safe, achievable and certainly big enough to matter. More importantly it's big enough to keep me motivated and enthused.

5. Follow through Do you follow through by shopping for your snacks, preparing and packing meals to carry ahead? Do you plan and do you eat the meals, or close equivalent to what you've planned? (paraphrased)

Regarding my weight loss goal:- I have now got a fresh batch of ketostix. Measuring this each morning helps to remind me what this weight loss program is about and I know there is greater success when in dietry ketosis most days. It's just another tool or trick I use to stay on track. I haven't seen a change in colour for a day or two so today I am determined to eat thoughtfully so that I see the pink again tomorrow. I do shop for success, but I often run out of energy to follow through. I know from experience this will be less of a problem the longer I work the program.

This will do for yesterday's thoughts.

Values and Vision

I'd like to delay doing this so I'm off for a walk and it may need a separate post. This is something I'm don't feel very confident doing.

And this is where my day nearly fell apart. I am more tired after the weekend of Car Rallying than I thought. All I managed to do is put on a load of washing and cook spaghetti bolognaise for tea. I'll be glad to go to bed tonight.

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