Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I want to be Lean For Life. I want to get off the Yo Yo dieting forever. Of course I have a number I'd like to weigh but there is not much point in aiming for it if I regain some or part of the weight again. There's nothing wrong with having a number, in fact it's probably essential or you never will work with determination. So I have a new Primary Focus.

Last night when I was reading my Lean For Life book I was brought up short by this, - 'Most people who want to lose weight tend to focus on a number - "I want to lose 30kg" - rather than on the type of goal that will help them achieve lasting success.'

Then there's a bit about changing the way the brain works, followed by this - 'Those who commit to this learning process are the ones who ultimately achieve lifetime weight control. "The learning aspect of the goal is the challenging part," says Dr. Stamper."However, it is learning about problems and their solutions that leads to becoming Lean for Life".' The emphasis are mine.

I knew the learning process was important but I never thought of it terms of Learning to be Lean For Life. It hit me like a wake-up slap. I have always focussed on the numbers rather than the learning process. I guess I will now be motivated a little differently. I'm not sure how the process works out but I do know I've skipped over many cognitive tasks. As long as I was doing the food and exercise part of the program and losing weight I was happy with myself. The Lean For Life Workbook has many suggested exercises and I must admit I skimmed many of them because I had overlooked the key to keeping the weight off. OH my! I am such a slow learner.

I've put up a link to my Tracker. I'm not a perfect tracker and I seriously don't like the bother of writing everything down. In the past I've done well posting my plans for the day then up-dating as I am able.

Today has been a fairly good day. We went out last night. There was a Gospel Group at the Whitianga Church. While in USA 2005 we discovered and fell in love with Gospel Singing and in particular Legacy Five. The concerts we went to were so much fun and the music is often heard in our house. I was feeling lazy but when I realised TWJ was prepared to go too I quickly got myself into gear.

The sad thing is we walked out after 45 minutes. It was not to our taste and TWJ was very disappointed. 45 minutes of boring introductory stuff. A few testimonies that didn't have much impact, an ice-breaker that irritated rather than setting a happy atmosphere and the last straw for me was when the woman giving her testimony wentt into detail about how all their adult children were in ministry. I love testimonies of how people have come through trials into a good place. I love hearing parents delight in what their children are doing but this was such a boast and it hit me in a raw place. It reminded me of the old days when I would be in church on my own, not that TWJ comes with me now, and saw a husband stretch his arm along the back of his wife's chair and touch her with love. That was many years ago and I've got over it. My children have not moved in directions I hoped for them. I'm proud of how they've coped with various challenges in their lives so I'm not sure why this woman made me feel sick inside. The evening might have got better but when TWJ walked out I wasn't going to stay to find out.

We went to Mum's and watched TV with our daughter for a while before coming home. I'm a little fed up with church events that don't deliver. I don't expect perfection and I know that a lot of effort went into last night but it was a flop in my eyes. Very disappointing because this was a group of 4 people from a successful church in Chicago. I suspect the local organisers let them down, but I don't want to knock anyone. Hopefully it was just one of those things. I'm so glad it was TWJ's decision to go rather having his arm twisted by me. Trouble is it will probably be a very long time before he goes to anything in a church again. Even in this I chose to trust God. And that's all I'm going to say.
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