Tuesday, 16 February 2010


After after many airless humid days this is refreshing. I've had to find a jacket to warm me up. It will be so good for the garden. Now I will really need to spend an extended time weeding before we go away next Monday.

Today I have a plan recorded here and will up-date as I go along just to keep me in check. This will be an extremely boring post for any visitors.

Breakfast:- smoothie
Snack 1 about 10.30am plain Greek yoghurt, probably about 1/5 cup

Lunch:- egg salad made with iceberg lettuce 2 boiled eggs and vinaigrette
Snack 2 about 3 pm yoghurt

Dinner:- cold roast beef and silverbeet
snack 3 about 8 pm yoghurt but only if I really feel hungry.

Drinking. Water x 4
black coffee x 2
tea x 1

Exercise. aprox 20 minutes or until I've completed 4km on cross-trainer.

Plan B going out this evening and re-arranged the day somewhat. Swapped lunch for tea and no snacks. No exercise. Blaaaaa! Not enough water.

Reading:- 2-3 chapters in my Lean For Life book. *Done*

This is what I wrote 3 years ago when I began to deal with my weight in a more determined manner. Sadly I have not been faithful to my determination. The good news is that if you never give up there is a very good expectation that you will win.

written on my Blogpage at SFL on Jan 16th 2007

"GUTTED - Got on D's scales this morning to find they register me at 114.6 kg (252 lbs)

If that isn't a reality check and a serious warning not to waste more time then I'm a great big fool.

D got me his Lean For Life book out so am doing the preliminary reading today. I have worked it out that if I kept to the programme as it is descibed it will take me at least 60 weeks to reach my target weight. That seems a very long time especially at my age. I would be nearly 69 when I finish but if I do nothing I will weigh more and I will be less and less active and then I will be really unwell. I have reached a point when I must do this or become more and more unfit every week.

It is my choice so why is it so hard to make the sensible one?

Even if I have not reached my target weight by March 17th 2008 I will be a lot healthier and slimmer and able to move more freely. I will not be battling the same degree of depression and I will not be drowning in excuses, procrastinaton and all the other negatives that come with living an unhealthy lifestyle.

I will feel happier, less ashamed of myself. I will feel good in my clothes and be proud of how I look. I will know that I have taken proper control of my life and changed the one thing I can change, what goes in my mouth.

If For any reason I have left it so late that I will never get full benefit of weight loss and increased fitness, ie I still have some weight related health issues, I will know that at least I did something to mitigate the situation. I am heading for a very unpleasant old age as things are. I really have no choice except to make the change and I know this programme works well to improve every aspect of life and is compatible with all my spiritual values.

It just seems a so hard to make a permanent change. I have failed so many times because I did not have the persistence to see it through. I can break this down into 6 week time frames which are repeated until I reach my target weight. Surely I can do this well for 6 weeks and then be ready to do it again for six weeks until .....

I guess that right now along with the challenge of starting, making the change, is the fear of failure.

Fear of Failure

I used to be so bold and not care about this but now I have to face this fear. I am afraid of starting and not continuing until finished and so losing all the benefits once again. But .... who knows, this might be the time I don't fail. This might be the time I pick myself up before serious damage is done and continue through to the finish line. I will never know unless I start.

Today is Tuesday. I am already doing the 3 day preparation so I will begin the semi-fast 3 days on Friday. That means the first day of the week will be Friday. I have always chosen Monday so will see if this makes it harder to get my head around.

Today I commit myself to starting the first 6 week cycle on Friday."

I want to cry as read that. Today I re-commit to the program that works for me. Surely I can do this for 6 weeks even though we will be away for 3 of them. It was my S.I. sons who introduced me so plenty of support there. I expect to be well under the 100 kg/220 lbs on our return. Next recorded weigh in will be Thursday March 17th. Yesterday I weighed exactly 105 kg/ 231 lbs.

This time Monday is my start day.

Will be back later.


Kate said...

hey margieanne- we have had 90% something humidity on the east coast of australia and it got cooler overnight and they said thats because the humidity has moved off the coast towards nz... hope you dont get it too bad :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Margieanne,
Thanks for swinging by my blog yesterday! I am cheering you on!
I have a long way to go too. I have heard Lean for Life is a good program! I went to school with a girl that was doing it and she was looking pretty darn good!
Hang in there!

4meandmy2boys said...

Cheering you on!

4meandmy2boys said...

Here is that link to the lady that lost a lot of weight on lean for life. Hopefully you can see it. her name is going-down and it's post 8 on the page.

Brandi said...

Never giving up is the key! Way to go for re-committing yourself!