Monday, 1 March 2010


Yesterday we woke up to another Tsunami warning. When it came, early afternoon, the tide was out and the surge in Lyttleton Harbour caused no problems, The Tsunami was caused by a serious earthquake in Chile. I hope we never suffer the full force of either Earthquake or Tsunami here. i grieve for the people who ave lost so much. There is too much devastation going on in the world.

The run for the car rally yesterday was a bit disappointing for us as it was around the area D lives so all very familiar roads. On the other hand we sat up like Jackie in his 1930 Dodge. This car is old enough to have wooden spokes in the wheels. So cool even if not in flash condition. I do drool over the pretty cars.

We had planned to stay in a caravan at D's but didn't work out so happy to be back in town. We need to go to the bank today, and I have promised myself I'll walk for an hour, otherwise I'm planning a blobby day.

I'm losing weight but have got behind schedule so it is essential I do the walk everyday so I can catch up. In 3 weeks I've lost 3 kg or about 7 pound so not too shabby. There's such a long way to go to even match my lowest, most recent weight. I could easily fall into despair but this eating pattern is so easy and I feel so much better in myself that I'll keep on and enjoy the rewards when they come. I think my first major goal will be to go under the 100 kg, (not far away), followed by 93 kg. When I go under 87 kg I will be in new territory, or at least a place I've not seen for 20 years. I could be looking at this 'new place' before my birthday in June. All I need to do is stay motivated and enthused.

Saturday's LFL Exercise.

3 goals I've accomplished in the last 3 years that I'm proud of.

1. Working for wages in the SuperMarket. As far as jobs go, it was nothing special but I hadn't worked for wages in all my married life, 45 years, and this was a strange environment even if the SuperMarket itself was familiar.

2. Our trip to Alaska last June/July. The remarkable part was keeping it a secret from TWJ for over 6 months. I was paying it off and saving for 6 months or more before he found out in February, (last year). Then we had a lot of pleasure over the next 4 months, planning our trip together.

3. Finally getting back into the Lean For Life program after two and a half years of muddling, procrastination, and weight gain.

List 3 specific skills, abilities or behaviours that contributed to each of these successes.

Goal 1. *Determination to get paid work.
*Persistence in seeing the Manager for an interview.
*Getting TWJ on board to work so that we did this together.

Goal 2. *Sensitivity to the man's hopes and dreams .... not to mention mine.
*Money Management. While far from perfect it couldn't have happened if I hadn't made a determined effort.
*Boldness. Courage to do something that would seem foolish and unrealistic to many people.

Goal 3. *Being prepared to take advantage of a less stressful period in our lifestyle.
*Getting desperate. Willing to try again. Willing to be more determined. Willing to do the work, especially take the mental/cognitive exercises seriously. Short answer, being desperate enough to become teachable.
*Using knowledge and support based on experience

Note from book. Review this list. Are you currently using all the resources that have helped you succeed in the past? If the answer isn't "Yes," consider how you can more effectively support yourself in achieving your goal.

The one thing I am not doing so well is getting TWJ on board. He's more understanding than he once was but I haven't really tried to get his support as much as I could have, Work on this!

This is quite a long post so will open a new one for the next two day's exercises
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