Monday, February 15, 2010


Why does Monday seem like a nice day to refresh one's plans. For us, now that we are not employed and even my days at Mum's have reduced, surely one day is as good as another.

I haven't been doing anything too terrible but I did get slack in the 2nd half of last week and while I'm maintaining very nicely that was never my intention at this stage.

I am feeling particularly well, the humidity is dropping and so has the temp. My feet are still more swollen than they should be but not too bad. I noticed that I'm not feeling so hungry so thought it would be a good day to Fast. Now this is not a PC fast by any means because I've had a couple of cups of coffee, black unsweetened, made in the plunger. When I win Lotto I'll buy an espresso machine and maybe employ my own barista. Not sure how I will win as I never buy tickets. Ha! It's 5 pm and I still feel good. No stomach cramps, no shakiness so I'm fairly confident I will complete the day.

I really need to go Low Carb but I've been struggling with it .... just getting rid of all the food cravings is huge. I don't seem to have the mental energy to sustain it for long enough to get into the groove. So today I'm being a little drastic. It's very rare for me to Fast these days because I can get very painful stomach cramps but so far so good. I used to Fast fairly regularly as part of my prayer life but then I found it was becoming harder for my body to cope with. I also became concerned when I realised I was using those Fasts as a weight loss tool rather than the spiritual exercise I intended them to be.

A few years ago I was introduced to Lean For Life, a 6 week cycle of healthy eating designed to lose weight and keep it off. I got so far, lost nearly 1/2 my extra weight before losing the plot. I hadn't learned all the skills. This program begins each of the 6 weeks with a total carbohydrate fast. It works brilliantly for me. I'm sure I've raved about it many times. This is the way I want to eat for the rest of my life, modified when the time comes to maintain safely. It just seems so hard for me to become consistent again. I have no excuse. I am no longer stressed out, there are no family disasters. TWJ is showing how much he loves me in many different ways. I am a totally blessed woman.

It's been eye opening to compare my weakness with some of the other Bloggers. I'd like to say that it's harder now I'm older but that's rubbish. I have many hours to focus on my needs. I have a load of experience behind me and all the on-line support I could ask for. I am particularly impressed by Debby, Lyn, Anne, Chubby Chick,and of course the lovely Diana who has given us the wonderful resource of Healthy You Challenge. There are many others but these people would be my main inspiration at present.

Today I'm refreshing my body by giving it a rest from food. Tomorrow I will follow Lean For Life. It seems a bit odd to be establishing renewed healthy eating when we are soon to be going away for 3 weeks. Next Monday we are flying to Christchurch to spend time with 2 of our sons and we will go to the Elerslie Flower Show, New Zealand's version of the England's Chelsea Flower Show. We are looking forward to going down as it is nearly 3 years since we were last there.

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Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

I tried to go Low Carb and failed miserably, I just love my carbs too much so I just learned to replace them with "worth it" carbs like wheat bread and such... they're more filling, and more nutritious so it may be easier to give them up... Like a few weeks with no "white" carbs, then eliminating them will not be so hard since the "real foods" tend to cause less cravings...

I don't know it's just a thought :)

Thank you so much for you wonderful comments on my blog. I fail to write comments on yours mostly because I read, am moved and cannot find words to express my feelings... but know that your words move me and make me think more deeply! LOOOVE your blog :)