Friday, 5 February 2010


Kate left me this comment today. ".....I am wondering what is motivating you to lose the weight and get healthy? do you have something 'material' that you can strive for? sometimes just wanting to be healthy isnt enough and you need to have something set in your mind to strive for... just a thought."

Maybe she has hit the nail on the head. I'm not motivated. I have no outside factors, no particular events or dates to act as a spur. The energy must come from within me and somehow I'm not finding it right now. Maybe I need an outside, (outside myself that is), incentive like a major family wedding. Now who can I persuade?

Currently I cannot think of anything to add that little spice. Meantime we went into town again today because Mum had a list of things for us to do. ... cash from bank, catfood, collect prescription from Dr and take to Pharmacy to be made up, choose a birthday card for Mum to give my sister, collect watch from Jeweller and some groceries. We did this after lunch because I needed to pop in and check on Mum this afternoon. The morning had been reasonably cool, the afternoon was hideously warm and we are still having sticky nights.

Tomorrow I'm going to stay with friends at Pauanui and go to Church there. I'd like to stay Sunday night too. Need to talk this over with TWJ as we can use their downstairs flat if he wants to come. It would be good for both of us to be in a different environment for a couple of days. I'll be honest. Although I'd love him to come it does restrict our freedom. There is a depth of discussion and topics which we cannot broach in his presence because he doesn't understand and is disrespectful of them. That is one of the not so joyful aspects of being married to a person who does not share your faith. I need prayer ministry and that is also very awkward if TWJ is there so this could be a solo trip.

Time to think bed.


kate said...

lol @ the wedding !! hope you have a nice time away... :D

Amy said...

Tis true! What Kelly asked is super true... if you don't have a reason, of some kind as to why you are pursuing weighloss, it won't stick... and you definitely won't stay motivated! Totally agree!!

I have never had my weighloss stick tho, if I just did it for an event. After the event I would always balloon back up to where I started. Had to do have a revelation that if I continue to be severely overweight, that my health was going to deteriorate, and that it was just a matter of time. Not a matter of "if", but a matter of "when" if I didn't stop my out of control, compulsive, addiction to food.

Hugs.. Amy