Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I haven't done my workbook 'exercises' properly for the last few days.

1. This is one of my 5 main reasons for losing weight.

I'm learning to be lean for life because I am sick and tired of being fat.

2. Biomodifiers (Biomodification TM belongs to the Lean For Life people.) - Things we do to help ourselves get what we want by changing what's happening in our brains and in our bodies.

I really like this excerpt from my book.

For many years Dr. Stamper has also encouraged patients to cultivate what he calls an "inner smile." He counsels people who are experiencing frustration on the program to pause, take a deep breath, hold it briefly, and then visualize an internal smile as they exhale. Our patients who regularly do this report an immediate change in attitude.

Now for the Q & A

What would happen if you were to give yourself permission to spend five minutes doing any of the following BioModifiers?

* Touch, love and talk to your dog or cat.

I would be relaxed and smiling inside. Maybe even giggling. .... That's if I had a pet. My cat is with Mum and will be there as long as she lives.

* Take a five minute nap

I'd be even more tired and grumpy and struggling to wake up LOL

* Daydream in a safe, loving place where you're completely at peace.

I do plenty of day dreaming so not sure this is a good example for me.

* Polish a ring or piece of silver that has value to you.

Negative conotations for me. I spent too much time polishing silver and brass as a child and then there was the Dr's plaque at my last job before marrying. I'd probably end up %&*$%^#* although it's always nice to look on a piece that you've brought back to life.

* Read your favourite poem and allow yourself to absorb its form and meaning.

That could work but I'd need the safe, loving place where I'd be completely at peace.

* Laugh! Call your funniest friend for a chat. Flip on the TV and watch your favourite old sit-coms.

The friend will work. The TV or DVD is a maybe. What really works is getting together with Christian friends and having a very good time with them. This is not easy to achieve these days, so looking for a simpler alternative.

* Enjoy looking at photographs of people you love.

Maybe. Sometimes I am surprised by grief or sadness so not something I would choose to cheer me up.

* Put on some music and dance.

Works every time.

3. Today's chapter is titled. You Are What You Think - You can learn to use your thoughts and feelings to achieve what you want.

This is my battle ground. I wish I could touch type or had a scanner handy, and I'd copy the whole chapter here. So here are a few gems.

Each of us responds to events in our lives according to how we understand or interpret what is happening to us. If our brain tells us something is dangerous, we respond one way. When it tells us something is difficult, we respond another. And if our brain says, "this is a worthwhile challenge and you can succeed," our response is quite different ......... How you choose to experience an event, person, place or circumstance affects how you experience it .........

1. Listen to yourself. Become more sensitive to your thoughts and feelings .........

2. Replace negative thoughts and statements with positive ones. ......... This may sound contrived at first, but it begins to feel natural the more you do it .........
( My words ..... Fake it till you Make it)

3. Practice. Successful weight loss involves consistently replacing negative old patterns with positive new ones .........

Mental training techniques ......... have a powerful influence and can lead to lasting change .........

The choices you make directly impact the results you get.

That says it all!

Another warm, read hot, day. The mornings here in Christchurch are fresh and crisp but the day gets hotter and hotter and it takes all night to cool down. A. dropped TWJ and I off at the Palms Mall this morning. It's the first time we have been in a large shopping area since the day before we flew home from San Francisco last July. Before that I probably have to go back to June 2007. We have no spare cash so shopping was limited to essentials like a coffee plunger, coffee for it and my Strawberry and Mango Tea. It was nice to look around but I was dragging along until we stopped for coffee then I found my legs again. When we'd had enough of the Mall we went outside to catch the bus. This meant a short walk in the sun, enough to know we'd be struggling to walk from the bus stop to the house so a text to A and she picked us up a few minutes later. What a blessing our DIL is.

I also stocked up on ketostix and specialty hair products which will hopefully reduce some of the itching and flaking. Anyone who doesn't know me would be forgiven for thinking I have fleas or nits, (hair lice). It's a real pain, and frequently distressing. I've tried so many remedies from alternative medicine, modified diet to Dr's remedies that I'm fairly certain I've exhausted the options. I blame my blood pressure medication for the escalation of this chronic problem until it is now unbearable but of course no medical person wants to admit that drugs are the problem.

I'm no fan of the medical proffession. I have some very good reasons and too much experience to change my mind. At the same time I do respect their training, knowledge and experience and know that seeing a Dr. is very important, even essential, and much better than doing nothing when it comes to serious health issues. Every now and then one comes across a Dr. who listens carefully and uses his/her training and intelligence to look outside the square. Then you have an excellent medical person. Sadly they are rare.

A's parents are coming round tonight for a BBQ meal. A. has everything prepared. It will be nice to see her parents. We're all good friends and if we lived closer would see them often, as we enjoy their company.

Time for a wee snack followed by a lie down if I can find a cool enough spot. "Phew!" She says, wiping the sweat off her brow.


Kate said...

sounds like you are having a lovely time there margieanne. i feel for you with the scalp issue. good drs are very hard to come across, and they usually come with a hefty price too. keep smiling xox

Amy said...

My sweet MargieAnne friend... what a great excerpt from your book! Love that!!

Thankyou so so much for your words of encouragement today! I cannot tell you how beautiful your heart is, and how your words breathe life.... hugs.. Amy