Friday, 12 February 2010


Does anyone know first hand or at least very close hand about this guy from Australia? Jon Gabriel Abrams I have read the blurb and as much info as I can find and he seems kosher. He even has a Jewish name. *giggle* The little bit of real information has the ring of truth but is this just another person jumping on the weight loss money machine? I'm very tempted to buy the book and CD but at present $50 is a lot of money, too much to waste on yet another person wanting to get rich on the weight loss circuit.

Meantime I'm using this site to help me restore some good habits and a bit of discipline. I've got 3 habits going at present. It might be a it much but I'm already doing them, just not regularly enough or in good order.

1. Working on the Cross-trainer, similar to an elliptical machine, a minimum of 20 minutes a day.
2. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water or herbal/fruit flavoured tea each day.
3. Completing breakfast in my day clothes, as opposed to my nightie, before 9 am.

I have always been a bit sloppy about getting dressed on days I am staying at home and I've got much worse lately. It does have something to do with the rigmarole of putting stuff on my scalp and leaving it a few hours before showering and washing it out. But that's no excuse for messing about all day and getting nothing done. It must have become a seriously bad habit when TWJ noticed that I was dressed this morning. I decided that even if it's a nuisance I will get dressed even if I plan to have a shower later in the day. Recently I've had whole days when I never changed out of my nightie. That is so slovenly and lazy.

My weight hasn't changed for weeks but I'm not feeling down about it. I do feel a little better than I have for a while and I can see some positive changes in my behaviour. I'm not always eating well but I've stopped eating so much I gain weight. That alone is worth a gold star.
I'm wondering what kind of day we will have. I have been thinking about doing some gardening for Mum but I can't work outside in the heat so each day I've looked at the sky an flagged it away. Today looks as though it could be cooler and cloudy but will the sun come out hotter than ever by the time I get over there and organised? I'll see when I've done a couple more things here.

We grew a small hedge of Swan Plants. That's about the only plant in New Zealand the Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar likes. This year they were very bushy and grew up over 1.5 metres/5 feet, They are covered in flowers, tiny cute white ones and there are huge clusters of swan shaped seed pods. The plants are looking very moth eaten, or should I say caterpillar chewed, but are well able to support a good number of caterpillars for a while yet. We have crysalis hanging from the house in all kinds of places including a window we cannot close without doing butterflycide. I do have a few back up plants but experience tells me that sometime next month there will be starving caterpillars and my plants will be little more than sticks. Last year I religously destroyed eggs but there are too many plants for that this year. I've tried feeding the fattest caterpillars on pumpkin but with limited success so I'll just let nature do what it does. Meantime we have the joy of lots of beautiful Moanarch Butterflies fluttering around our deck.

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Chris H said...

Wow the butterflies are gorgeous! I always get dressed in the morning, no matter if I've had my shower yet or not. I can't imagine staying in my nightie all day, just my luck someone would visit and catch me!
I have not heard of that man... hold off buying anything until someone can tell you more about him. As you say, there are enough people out there only out to make a buck!