Saturday, February 27, 2010


I'm getting into the habit of reading my previous day's entry here. It serves 2 purposes. Hopefully I won't be repetitive without good reason and it reinforces those things I was learning and meditating on.

Yesterday was another quiet day but .... Hurray! it was my nearest to a perfect day on program and it showed on the scales. We had corned beef a few nights ago and it has taken 3 days to lose the retained fluid. Fluid retention was aggravated by the very warm weather too. I have lost a total of 400 gm/almost 1 lb since I first used A's scales 4 mornings ago. I'm pleased to see the work paying off on the scales.

We have a major change of plan today. Our eldest son, D. has phoned, asking us if we'd like to join him on the Car Club Rally. We have slightly less than 1 hour to get dressed, breakfasted, prepare a packed lunch and get to the meeting spot which is a good 10-15 minute drive from here. There goes any hope of a walk this morning, before it gets too hot. I need to run.


It's been a lovely day, hot, but it was OK in the car even without air conditioning. I feel as though we have driven all over the Canterbury Plains. We began with a round-about route to the Cashmere Hills and drove along the Summit Road that runs along the top of the Port Hills between Christchurch and Lyttleton Harbour. The views are always magnificent if usually hazy. Today was no exception.

From the bottom of the hills, at Redcliffs we took more devious directions.... Turn left here, write down the name of the Cinema, turn left there, look for the sign and write down the name of the contractor and so it went across the plains where there are more white fields than green. Typical summer colours down here. Finally we arrived at the lunch stop, last car in for a variety of reasons, none of them to do with being one of the youngest car on the Rally. This is the Rally of the year for the Christchurch Vintage Car Club and there were over 100 beautifully turned out vehicles. We were not one of them. D's 1940 Dodge broke down before he got it out the gate from his home. He had to go back for his 'everyday, not very spunky Hyundai.' We had lunch at a Rugby Field which had a thin row of pine trees on one side and a wooded stream on the other. I took one look at the general lack of shade, the sun beating down on the dry field and decided there had to be somewhere under the trees by the stream. There was. For some reason no-one else thought this was a good place so I had my lunch in solitary pleasure listening to the breeze ruffle through the trees. It was so cool and peaceful I was surprised when they called me .... time to go.

We took the long route which is calibrated in miles for the old cars. 90 miles/145 kilometres for lunch and a lot less to drive home. I'm feeling very tired now and glad to have a break. I'm on tea for W, TWJ and myself. I've been told what's available but really, I am in no fit state to get strange stuff out of a strange freezer and prepare a meal. The men are out again so will wait for them to come back and re-think the meal. Meantime I'm having a drink, a snack and a rest.

.... More. The men don't want to get tea. A left me with a heap of instructions but I just don't have the energy. Finally put together a chicken stir fry and some baked courgettes. It was ether that or waste our money on fish and chips. I'm hungry and the men have been eating potato crisps. I don't eat them often but I'm having trouble ignoring that bag of crispness. So far I've dodged several traps today. The ice-cream while driving, the open bag of crisps and fish & chips.

It's been a lovely day but I'm so tired even Roger Moore as 007 can't keep my attention so think I should be in bed.

Goodnight from me!

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