Sunday, 21 February 2010


We had a cool night, very welcome after nights that barely dropped below 20`C/68`F. This morning the sky is clear blue with a few cotton wool clouds and the air crisp and warm. It feels like early autumn and I love it.

This is the last day of my first "proper" week on LFL for such a long time. It feels good.

I have followed the plan fairly closely. I can't be bothered counting carbs or weighing my protein but I do have a reasonably good idea of serving portions. The one thing I have overdone this week is fat on beef and possibly the pork in the chorizos even thought they were home made. I think my carbs may be quite a lot off some days because I focus on eating veges like carrots and others that can upset the carb count. I absolutely refuse to limit veges to miniscule amounts. I also know there were days when my carb count was way low. I haven't exercised every day and many days my water drinking was way under target. Nevertheless I have made some significant changes and I know that this is a reasonably sustainable way to eat long term as long as I don't sweat when 'treat days' come around.

Yesterday I got so wrapped up in my own life/program I wasn't watching the time and it was too late to go over and see to Mum's lunch so I phoned her. She was making herself a salad and didn't need me so another reprieve. I need to be a little better today. I'll go over soon but not stay the whole afternoon. Jay is working and on call but should finish early. I need to write a list of what to pack ... there is a plan but unless I write it down I get in a muddle. All the laundry is out drying in the sun so it will be a simple matter of last minute housework, pack the cases, empty the fridge of perishables to give to Mum and Jay to finish up and we're ready for our 3 weeks away.

I read some back entries. The ones where I was stressing out because I could not maintain a healthy plan while working and being at Mum's 15 days a month. All the running around and disruption was doing my head in, not to mention the physical tiredness. The only down-side to not working is the money stuff. We just have to suck that up. It is obvious that I have only been able to complete a whole week on plan because Mum is not so needy right now. I'm making the most of it. I hope I don't mess it all up by going away, but I'm not too anxious about that because I know I have the support of my sons and their wives/partners.


This is a very good chapter for me because I really don't understand what it means. Somehow my intelligence fails me at this point so here's an exercise to help me face up to what I do and what I need to change. This is a checklist in the Lean For Life Workbook by Stephanie Stamper Graff.

Do any of these statements sound familiar? To appreciate how often rationalizations creep into our everyday lives check of all those you can remember using.

1. "I deserve this. I've been good all day!"


2. "Oh it's just a little bite."


3. "There are starving children in (fill in the name of country)."


4. 'It's a shame to waste food."

All the time.

5. "It's Friday night."


6. "It's Saturday."


7. "It's Sunday>"


8. "It's my birthday."


9. "It's fat free."


10. "I'm on vacation."


11. "I paid for it, I'm eating it."


12. "I'm not feeling well. I've got to eat."


13. "This diet isn't good for me."

Yes but it was true.

14. If I don't eat I'm going to waste away for nothing."


15. "I don't know how to make healthy foods."

No because it's not true.

16. "My friend eats this and doesn't gain weight."

Yes because it's true and peeves me no end.

17. "I look pretty good for my age."

Yes, but I have never pretended that I'm not overweight.

18. "It's a holiday."

Yes. Huge challenge to stay within plan when on holiday because of this kind of thinking.

19. "It would be rude not to eat it after she made it especially for me."


20. "It's no big deal."

Frequently. It's part of my 'she'll be right,'Kiwi attitude and part of my, 'dont' sweat the small stuff,' attitude. I need to work on changing my attitude. Losing weight and eating right is a big deal. Unless I get it right I'm destroying myself, short-term discomfit and lethargy etc., long term weight and health issues. I am also very irritated by people who stress out over minor lapses, or any lapse. I don't want to be a drama queen over lapses or mistakes. They happen and are best put behind one, so that you can recommit to getting on with the job. I'm not a fan of beating up on self because there is enough of that coming from outside. I want to tell those folk, "Get a life." I know they are usually successful losers of weight so am I wrong? There has to be a balance between caring about what we do and making a huge deal out of it if we are imperfect.

I'd really love some feed back on this. So come on all you readers. You know how much we all love comments and I'm no exception.

21. "I didn't eat breakfast."

To my shame, Yes.

22. "I'll make up for it tomorrow at the gym."

Not likely, because I know it would be a big fat lie. I just don't have the energy to work something off with exercise.

Time to go. Hope you have some fun working out what your answers would be.

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Amy said...

oooooooo, those questions are AMAZING food for thought!!! Rationalization has spoken to me oh toooo many times!! Oy!!! Yes yes yes!

Have to look into that book! sounds wonderful!