Monday, 22 February 2010


I'm going to enjoy today. It's perfect to finish organising, packing and travelling.

Today's LFL Quote

The More Enthused, The More You Lose

There are 2 challenges for me today so need to keep reminding myself to stay enthused which isn't easy when my weight loss looks as though it's temporarily stuck.

1. Going at my own pace, following my happy routine while TWJ gets in a panic because I haven't closed my case. I could have avoided this by putting at least 3 or 4 things in m my case or next to it a few days ago. I like to have it all worked out in my head and a written list then pack at the end. Hmmmm! maybe one day we'll learn to cope with each others systems. *smile*

2. This is a Mainly Protein Day on LFL and it poses a few challenges when on the move. I believe I can manage so I will but I do half expect to need to make a compromise somewhere. The biggie will be avoiding carbs at the airport. We have about 2 hours to fill in because we are leaving early so that Jay, who will have our car, can be home again for for tea. Less disruption to her day. I'll have coffee but not sure about my snack. At least I have a protein bar I can carry but I was hoping to avoid using it.

Enough here or TWJ will explode.


We've had a good day My only complaint is the heat. The air conditioning isn't working in our car and even with all windows down it was uncomfortably warm. The flight was smooth and we are now standing around chatting while our son BBQs some chops.

We left Whitianga about 1pm and stopped for coffee at the Bombay food and loo stop I added sugar to my coffee, probably didn't need it was a terrible cappuccino. On the plane I chose the cheese option it came with crackers and grapes. TWJ ate my crackers and I ate his grapes. I also had 2 of the airlines hard lollies to suck. My ears get very painful when coming in to land so was trying to avoid that. It's a wonder I'm not waterlogged. I've emptied 2 x 750ml water + other drinks and the day's not over yet. Lots to catch up on so non stop talking going on. .....

Later - After 10 pm here and I'm wondering if it will cool down enough to sleep.

Here ends the day. Not perfect as far as my diet went but no serious damage either.


Kate said...

where are you going?!! have i missed something!!? wish i was coming too!! xox

Minnesota Mami said...

You are right, it is tough to stay on target while on vacation...but it sounds like you made good choices with what was available to you! Where are you travelling to? I would LOVE to go on holiday somewhere WARM (perhaps New Zealand?!) :)

Denise said...

Thanks for the comment on my site. As it turns out, the only truth on the list was that I worked at Disneyland when I was younger. I grew up next door to the park and worked there during my senior year in high school and over school breaks my first two years in college. it was a great experience.

I would like to protest Victoria's Secret's size-ism but can't imagine it would be successful since I'm sure they can't conceive of fat women caring enough to buy beautiful lingerie.