Monday, January 18, 2010


I keep saying I will prepare a little piece of garden for my next planting of green beans. Hmmmm! How many days before the message turns to action.

TWJ has gone nostalgic and put on some CDs. First one was Route 66. We are always amazed how much of the route we have already travelled without any plans to do so. We happened on it by accident after going to the Indianapolis Raceway, on our first road trip USA in 2005. I had never even heard of it previously, the TV program had completely by-passed me. Everytime we listen we get itchy feet. We have an incredible longing to do the whole route by design, with side trips as the fancy takes us. It will remain a dream for a year or two yet. I hope we can realise it. We'd like to do it early to late spring, probably starting at Santa Monica, avoiding the hottest, and coldest weather. The disc brings back so many memories. Some of the most interesting places happened by accident such as - the Barbed Wire Museum in Texas where a Swap Meet Sale was in progress. All very serious! We giggled all the way around this folksy museum while being totally astonished by the varieties of wire and all the uses it was put to. We couldn't wait to get home and tell our friends there was a Museum of Barbed Wire in Texas. Couldn't get our Kiwi minds around that one.

The current CD is ABBA. It makes me sad instead of happy despite the brightness of the music. I keep listening to the lyrics and think of the sadness of the woman who wrote them. They were written when her own heart was breaking and I understand she never really recovered. So Sad. We have a very limited range of CDs as most of them have been bought by me and are Christian Worship .... not exactly TWJ's cup 'o tea. Wonder what he will chose next.

We have had one lot of paying holiday people in our Bach. It was great to sleep in the old Purple Bus again and lovely to see the house so tidy too. I forgot to take photos of how it presented. We need more guests but cannot count on it so Plan A x 100 to generate a little extra income. I will have to get out my sewing/craft work and put some of my materials and ideas into action. We have regular craft stalls, once a month throughout the year so perhaps there will be some hope there.

I made some cute/funky lavender bags for Christmas using stuff I already had. Jay thought they were a little weird but my sister thought they were cute so I can build on that. One day I'll get my picture thing working so I can upload photos again.

It's not a terribly nice day, warm and drizzly, we've had onegood shower, so I think I'll go and paddle in the garden. It will be a bit muddy but at least not too hot.

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kate said...

would love to see some photos of your crafts margieanne!!