Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm talking about those ladies who are more than 115 kg/250 lbs who get out there and do the hard yards exercising, stretching, lifting weights etc. Granted they all seem to be many years younger than me but their energy amazes me. I guess they didn't get there without a lot of pain and it took time too. I've just got off the cross-trainer, (similar to an elliptical). I completed 4 km/2.85 ml. in under 22 minutes. I felt slow today. Sweat poured down my face, stinging my eyes, granted there is high humidity today. I was kept going by Jillian Michael's voice yelling in my head. "I don't care if you die, pass-out or puke, you're going to do it." I have a few other incentives going at the moment like working so many tracks on the CD and not looking at progress during a track, and the 21 day challenge I have set myself here Talking of humidity, we have rain and 27`C/81`F. I know not as bad as some people experience but really uncomfortable for this temperate climate Kiwis.

My legs ached, they felt sluggish the whole way and my shoulder began to ache and I sweated. Ugh! Bit I did it!

I've set a few walking goals down the bottom right of my page. The first 3 are very realistic. If I really set my mind I could do the first one now but I might be nearly dead before I finished so I'll build up to it and wait until the weather cools a bit. I don't really expect to do it before the middle of March. Using the crosstrainer is to get me back into the daily habit. For whatever reason I no longer walk outside and of course my legs were getting very unfit.

Otherwise I'm having another lazy day reading blogs. I have a few that I like to keep up-to-date on. Because I've been so out of touch with most things to do with weight loss since mid June last year I have gone back to catch-up with favourites. I'm on the last one. I have some other writing to do too as TWJ is getting on to me about finishing the last entry of our trip to USA last June/July. We feel as though we are not getting out a lot so enjoy our memories by playing slide-shows of photos and our video which is so badly filmed it will always be labelled 'For Our Eyes Only.' His geographic memory is notas good as mine so he relies on my 'Journal' to keep the photos in context.


kate said...

lol margieanne i am younger and i still dont do those things! theres nothing i love about exercise.

Amy said...

I have thought the same same thought, Margieanne! If they can lose 250 plus pounds, then I can lose my 80! You know? And if they can peel of their last chunk of it, so can I!

Great job pushing through on exercise! My favorite part is when I am done! LOL!

Hugs.. Amy