Monday, 25 January 2010


I'm really trying to hang a good day together. We don't have to leave home so no excuse. I guess I'll have cravings to battle but I can do that today.

I need to drink lots of water or non tea tea if that makes sense. I dislike ordinary tea intensely so drink mainly flavoured teas such as lemon and ginger and currently strawberry and mango which isn't quite as tart as some of the others. I've begun the day with a shake and I will now have a raw carrot and a ride on the cross-trainer. I can do 2km in 5minutes quite comfortably and although it's not nearly enough it is better than nothing. Maybe I'll go for 3km today.

Will come back later just to help keep my focus.

Did I say I could do 2km in 5 minutes? I must have confused myself with a race horse, I've just done my 3 km and it took 15.45 minutes and that's OK. I put on a Legacy Five a brilliant Gospel group. I wonder what they would think if they knew I use their singing to exercise and walk by. It seems to have just the right rhythm for me and is uplifting at the same time.

I'm off to bed soon and quite pleased with having managed the healthiest day in a long time. I had breakfast, a shake, a raw carrot snack, for lunch 2 hard boiled eggs with mixed lettuce leaves, no dressing, and for dinner, grilled steak, mashed potato, carrot and green beans. My final snack is my boast as I discovered a wonderful desert combination. Diet jelly is not very exciting on it's own. I lurve whipped cream and jelly but not only do I have no whipped cream but I wanted a healthier option. I decided to try mashing a small banana and whipping it with a spoon of plain Greek yoghurt. Yummmmy! it worked. Now I can add diet jelly, (W.W. Jello), with banana cream whip into my safe and happy snacks. I exercised for 15 minutes and drank close to the optimal 8 glasses of water/flavoured tea.

It's so good to end a day knowing that I've strung together good selections throughout. I can now look forward to having another good day tomorrow as we don't need to go out. It will be so good to begin stringing good days together.


Chris H said...

Ewwww to tea! Stew drinks Peppermint tea, it's disgusting! He also drinks Green tea and Lemon tea. He is weird! OOOps, maybe that makes you weird too! ha ha ha!

kate said...

whatever music motivates you margieanne- go with it!