Saturday, January 2, 2010


Not a lot going on in our life at present. One could say 'same old, same old,' but there is always something new, some change, something to look forward to.

What do I look forward to this year.

1. Making a sensible attempt to reduce my weight and improve my health.

2. Managing our finances in a sustainable way.

3. Re-igniting my passion for God

4. Enjoying the life we have.

I guess the last one says it all. Learning to enjoy every day in the best way possible.

Our days on earth are precious - too precious to waste by worrying and fretting about things I cannot do or change. Too precious to waste with criticism, bad temper, moodiness and the like. Too precious to waste sitting around like a couch potato.

We have nothing big planned for this year. We have booked flights for a week in Christchurch at the end of February, which we might extend since we no longer are fitting around our part-time jobs at the SuperMarket. Our main focus remains supporting our daughter as she cares for my 94 year old mother. Maybe we will celebrate TWJ's 75th birthday on Dec. 1st, but that's too far away to do anything about for a few months yet.

Right now TWJ and I are enjoying a little holiday right in our own backyard. We are living in our old purple House-Bus while a family rents our house for a few nights. We finally got things organised and the house listed on 'The Best Bach,' but we were late listing and the only booking so far, has been for the 3 nights over New Year. I will continue to work on getting our profile up so that we have more exposure, especially as we are able to give B&B service.

The extra income is very welcome and we do need it so we can continue to have grocery money as well as pay the mortgage. It's also a nice way to meet people and keeps us on our toes with maintenance and tidiness.

I do want to mention something I think is worth drawing your attention to. Pastors from Cambridge NZ decided to downsize and give the proceeds of their house to their Church's Building Fund. To this end they have set up a competition, offering a prize to those who purchase their beautiful photos of New Zealand. The prize is their million dollar home. This is a unique opportunity to either make a direct donation or enter the competition which closes at the end of January. It is fascinating me and a boost to all people of faith to watch the progress. Someone will have a lovely home in a few weeks time and it could be a New Zealander or even someone from another country. Take a look at this extra-ordinary Christian family and the house they are giving away.


Stephanie said...

Just want to comment that I have had the fortune to travel in New Zealand and I think it's such an incredibly beautiful and special place.
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Chris H said...

I saw that couple on the telly recently, what an amazing thing to do!
When did you stop working at the supermarket?
How am I supposed to 'bump' into you now!