Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I know this is weird, coming across a travel post so long after out trip but it has taken me all this time to get around tuit.

My last travel post left us sleeping at Depoe Bay. We left there quite early, probably about 9 am, after breakfast across the road at a roadside restaurant, Riptide BBQ, where the owner had a large outdoor BBQ where he smoked his own pork. John had The Great White breakfast, a huge plate of country potatoes, smoked bacon, own sausage, smoked ham, onions, gravy, topped with 2 eggs cooked, cheese, toast and more gravy for $8.75, I had Flap Jacks, the most tender pancakes imaginable. As we followed the coastline there was morning mist.

We continued on the Oregon coastal road over some hills covered in pines where I was startled to see what looked like a silver lake in the midst of the pines. This turned out to be sand glistening in the sun and not surprisingly was called Sand Lake. I woke up as we crossed the estuary into Coos Bay where we stopped for lunch. I was really cheesed off when TWJ said I had missed the great sand dunes around Winchester Bay.

We continued to drive down this lovely coastline until we reached Crescent City where we had fun and games finding a Motel. We asked our GPS to direct us and found that it kept choosing places in what had become a really rough part of town and all but one had closed down. In desperation we went to one on the beach but not only was it out of our budget but they had no rooms. Finally we decided on a Travel Lodge which proved to be more or less opposite the Redwood Centre. Very convenient.

At the Redwood Centre we discovered why the Tsunami Evacuation routes are so well signed all the way down this West Coast.We saw the water level, above our heads, as the waves went through the Centre in 1964. I wonder if it was the same one which caused a serious threat to our coastline in NZ.

At last we were in Californian Redwood Country. I have dreamed about coming here forever it seems. We decided to go take the Old Stage Coach road through some Redwoods. As we slowly drove through I was so awed, saying, 'If that was all we had done on this trip it was all worth while.' I so hope we can come back and drive through this road again. Weaving between these giant trees with the pretty undergrowth of ferns and other greenery on a dirt road that had once been a main route. At the Visitor Centre I had a good look around at their displays including the history behind the Humboldt Forest. We also saw a Jay bird. We had seen one once before at the Lake Shasta Caverns, 2006, and were curious to know what this beautiful bird was. The jolly bird took off into the foliage just as I finally got the camera ready.

We drove on to Eureka, last time we were here it was a touch down in a little North West plane on our way from L.A. to Redding. We were hanging out for coffee and as we entered the town saw a little sign on the side of the road, 2228 4th St., Eureka. The ladies, Lonnes Edible Artistry, were about to close for the day but we had a good time with them and took some photos of a guitar shaped cake they completed while we were there and was to have special focus at a concert that night.

We felt as though we'd had a fairly easy day so decided to drive on and finally stopped at Garberville after driving through the Avenue of Giants. John misread the Humboldt Park sign calling it Humbug Park. That kind of tickled me. We stayed at a very pleasant Motel, Sherwood Forest and ate nearby at Calico''s Deli and Pasta. I'm not a pasta person but was delighted by the meal we had here.

We had 2 nights left in USA. I'll finish our trip off in another post.
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