Sunday, 11 October 2009


I've had a fairly cruisey week except for the rush on Thursday when I forgot I was to model for my hairdresser. We also had an unexpected call one evening from our son, who had driven 4 hours just to have a chat with us. He arrived just as we were thinking of going to bed. Talked until midnight then went home. I have been wondering about whatever problem he wanted to discuss with us. I think it was money but he glossed over it so well I need to call him and have a long talk to see how we can work things out with him. He is so vulnerable but at the same time so independent it is hard to work out what is for best and what is practical for us. I could do with Lotto.

Considering my easier than usual week I was sitting here realising that I could have easily gone to Church if I had thought about it and been organised this morning.

Since last weekend when Jay was on call I've only had to be at Mum's one day, Wednesday, and we picked up Jay's car after work on Thurs so I was able to stay at home until after 3 pm yesterday, instead of having to go in with TWJ at 8.30 am and again today I have an extra 3 hours at home Then we return Jay's car and hopefully can have it again next Thursday. I haven't been to Church for so long I have lost the habit. It will be good to plan for next Sunday.

We had a crispy frost last night and the sun is shining so I'm off out to sit on the deck and read for a while. Sometime soon I've got to treat my scalp with 'Coco Scalp' which is a coal tar thing that works better than anything else so far on the psoriasis I have. Then there is the rigmarole of washing it out with 2 separate shampoos which I leave in for as long as I can each time. To keep my scalp in nearly reasonable condition I need to do this at least every 3rd day. It takes up a lot of time.

My book calls. An old Lee Child, one of the early Jack Reacher stories. It will entertain me while TWJ is watching the preliminaries to the Bathurst Race, endurance race for V8s and not to be missed by enthusiasts. He will be at work when the race is on.

Looking forward to showing my weight on the progress chart tomorrow. I still don't have the range of Kate Morgan products I desire but my pharmacy is expecting to increase their range this week. Meantime I'm doing OK.
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